About Me

Why, hello there! My name is Natalie. I’m fourteen, and I go to school at Pleasant Grove Junior High School. I’m writing this for one of my classes, actually, English. That class is fun; I get to read. I don’t get to read much at home, but school is nice because I can do things that I like. I like reading of course, I like drawing, I’m a pretty big artist, and I like to write. I’m also really in love with music, and that’s my main passion. I love going to concerts and finding new songs and artists. My family calls me a radio because I never shut up.  I spend a lot of my time baby sitting my little brother and i write a lot on my phone, and mostly that makes me happy. My favorite colors are anything pastel, because light feels… well, light. I also like black, it’s a bit of a counterpart to all the bright colors. My favorite movie is….. well, I have more than one. I like horror and romance movies mostly, I like 10 Things I Hate About You, Coraline, and The Labyrinth. Each movie is something I like because they all kind of represent different sides of me. Anyway, besides movies, my other favorite things are TV shows, things like Supernatural, Doctor Who, 13 Reasons Why, Nikita, and a lot of comedy TV shows. I like playing video games as well, and going outside. In fact, some old friends and I used to hang out at a big tree, it had a swing made out of a hose, and a little creek underneath it. I moved and I haven’t been there in a while, but that tree was a pretty big part of me. Anyway, I think that’s about it, some basic information about me. I hope its not too cheesy. Bye!

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