The story I enjoyed the most

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The story I enjoyed the most out of all of them was “Harrison Bergeron” It was something I could strongly relate to. One thing that had a powerful impact on me was how we put others down we don’t have the same ability to do something. When we see others we can feel insecure and jealous causing us to want to get them to our level. When the author put that message into a story creatively I personally thought it was unique and inspiring. A thing I also connected with was the feeling of being insecure at times. For example I dont feel skinny enough, pretty, smart or even kind enough in this world. I don’t beleive we should force everyone to lower the skills and perfections about them. I would agree that it isn’t the equality we need, because that it is a very hard thing to acheive in this soceity. In my opinion I got the message how it is our society that needs to change, not us. I enjoyed how it the author showed this vital information to us in a entertaining story. In conclusion, these are the main reasons that this story was important and inspiring to me.  Image result for weights

The Good Stuff

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For some, grattitude is hard to see when all you’ve looked at and seen has been negative. I have realized when it feels like the world is crashing down. When you should see what is in front of you find something in which makes you grateful for, and it could be anything big or small. The world is not just a bad place just because of some bad experiences doesn’t mean that the world has nothing. So in that case I would like to say I am grateful for growth/change. We take it for granted when something bad happened to you or something bad you did but it is possible to grow from it. For example if you started to be rude you can see the impact it has on people. You can see how you affected them. You can see how it changed them which could cause you to think before you speak realizing on how you hurt them or how you overall made them feel. When something good or bad happens we learn we grow and we can change for the better. I used to be not the  best person really and I have grown and changed you may not see me as a good person yet but I have the ability to still grow from there. We grow as a flower grows. We change as the leaves change. We can grow and change.

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Everybody Was Finally Equal

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In the story “Harrison Bergeon” as I read it. I realized on how we bring people down. A personal experience I saw was that a girl who was smart and got to travel was doing well, and as she told her friends they shamed her. They said that she was bragging and acting like a know it all. They told her on how she had no life and is ‘perfect’. They always teased her on how she was practically a stuck up snob and was fake, considering the fact they could not do any of it. She began to refuse to do all the things she loved. She stopped it all. I feel like that causes it to be relatable and shows on how people decided to bring her down than ask on how she got there and continued to go on that journey.

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What’s This Got to Do With Me?

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In the story “Lamb to the Slaughter” it relates to me on doing something that others would be diappointed or considered bad. But personlly it wasn’t to the extreme of Murder. The idea is on how you tell lies to cover it up. You tell on how you didn’t do it to try to convince them. A way it has related to me was when I decided to “borrow” a hefty amount of money from my sister. Which meaning of when I was caught inthe spotlight/accused I told a story on how it could possiblynot be me. It was mentioned in the story she does the same tries to make up a alibi and it works. And I could agree how it has similarities to me.

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Suspense and word choice.

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It was dark and had a bit of brisk. I was running away once again it wasn’t like normal. I began to get goosebumps as if something was off. A car pulled over gave me an option on giving me a ride. He was old, his face had sags under his eyes. Feeling unknown on what to do, I backed up to hide knowing I didn’t feel safe. So going around in the neighborhood of Provo I heard my name once more. I did what was familiar to me go ask for help. I heard a high pitch scream and shots being fired in the middle of the night. My brain was rushing back and forth fast as lightening. I ran as if I was being chased. I had an option to call my mom and get in trouble. I went home and discovered the guy on the news was a serial killer. This was something that was scary and happened to me knowing my life was in danger.

Hello world!

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