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For some, grattitude is hard to see when all you’ve looked at and seen has been negative. I have realized when it feels like the world is crashing down. When you should see what is in front of you find something in which makes you grateful for, and it could be anything big or small. The world is not just a bad place just because of some bad experiences doesn’t mean that the world has nothing. So in that case I would like to say I am grateful for growth/change. We take it for granted when something bad happened to you or something bad you did but it is possible to grow from it. For example if you started to be rude you can see the impact it has on people. You can see how you affected them. You can see how it changed them which could cause you to think before you speak realizing on how you hurt them or how you overall made them feel. When something good or bad happens we learn we grow and we can change for the better. I used to be not theĀ  best person really and I have grown and changed you may not see me as a good person yet but I have the ability to still grow from there. We grow as a flower grows. We change as the leaves change. We can grow and change.

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