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Book Review on Cinder (Lunar Chronicle book 1)

I really enjoyed this book! There are multiple books in the series, and each of them have different perspectives of each of the characters. They all end up meeting each other, but in the first book (Cinder) she doesn’t meet all the characters. The book is about the people on the moon, called Lunars. The soon-to-be king of New Beijing (Prince Kai) is supposed to be betrothed to the queen of Luna. Her name is Levana. The stories about the Lunars tell that the people of Luna are evil, self-centered people with manipulating powers. No one on earth has ever seen her. Cinder is a cyborg that is not treated equal in her community, but will fight Queen Levana as she tries to take over the earth. Cinder is used in the process of creating medicine to stop the plague that is killing the population of the capital of the world, and soon she finds out that she is more special than she thinks she is. Cinder is really relatable, being a teenager. She lives with her “evil stepsisters and stepmother.” I highly recommend this book to anyone! I absolutely loved it.

Book Review on Salt to the Sea

I loved this book. I’ve always been into theĀ historical fiction genre, but I thought this book would be like all the other books that take place in World War II. I was wrong, because it was so unique! I could really feel what the people felt as I grew closer to the characters in the book. With grief, love, history, and friendship in the same book, this book has probably been my favorite book out of any historical fiction, or even out of all genres. Soon, all the characters meet together and embark on the journey to home. I could really relate to the teenagers in this book. Even though they might have gone through different things than I have, I could relate to the emotions I’ve had (though in different circumstances) in the trials that they go through. The different chapters have a different character’s perspective. I highly recommend this book!