May 13

The power of words

I think that the tree represent her mind (not literally) and that its making her own path like shes a different person and not like the other people shes her own warier she go her her own way through things and when the tree fell it was just them not needing it anymore because friendship is all you need.

May 7

You’ve got a friend in Rudy

He does all this stuff to get a kiss from Liesel so just because he would run on a mile of hot coals for Liesel doesn’t mean that he’s the best person so yeah he ok but wouldn’t give an “A” id probably give him a “C+” I just think he trys to hard to get a kiss from Liesel but if he’d be himself then his chances to get a kiss will go up a tiny bit but not much. So the lesson is ,men/boys be yourself.

May 7

book review 2.1

So far out of the first 20 pages The Dark Deep its pretty good theres a part where Opal (a character in the book) sayed a thing and did this thing and I cant forget when she went down to a place and thats as far as I got but its still a pretty cool book already.

P.S. I cant think of 200 words.

April 23

Max Abandoned His Family

In the book The Book Thief this kid named Max Vandenburg left his family to save himself so he wouldn’t go to the Nazi death camp but the leaving tourtured himself but i think he did the right thing because he sounds like a cool dude he sounds nice.

March 29

The Book Thief, so far…

To be honest it getting pretty interesting so far even though I haven’t been reading the home work at home or at school so i’m kind of behind so I don’t know  what has happened and what hasn’t happened so i’m a little confused on what people talk about sometimes on The Book Thief.

March 25

What Would It Be Like

If my family was I guess dieing it would be scary because you wouldn’t have any company and you would have to get your own food pay for your house bills, get a job, pay for plumbing do all those things on your own and theres so many thing that can go wrong so many things you would have to do to stay alive…