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Steelheart was once normal in his early childhood. He didn’t fall into a bat of radioactive goo, he wasn’t struck by lightning, and he didn’t come from a different planet. No one is 100% sure how the epics came to be or how they got their powers. However there are a few theories or “myths” that people in Newcago tell. As many stories there are of steel heart I only somewhat believe one.

Some say that steelheart was once an incredible natural leader. He was kind and generous to people and respected all. But something happened to him his soul when he saw what the world really was, you see growing up he was sheltered from all the rage and jealousy that the world was. He grew up in a wealthy family and was showed only love and charity. When he  was 18 he moved out on a search to find his place in the world, but the world was not what he thought it would be.

He saw nothing good, nothing worth saving but he loved it anyways. Something cheppened in him something he maybe wasn’t ready for, powers. Still not sure what caused them or what they were he tried to hide what he had become but they only got stronger. One by one more people were discovered with these so called “powers” they made a name for themselves, epics. Steelheart saw as the epics tore through cities taking innocent lives. But one thing confused him. His powers seemed to be superior to thiers. He thought to himself “this could this could be my chance, my chance to make the world what i thought it always was.”

He made a decision he wanted to stop the epics. So he went out and stopped crimes the government could not, he saved lives. After all he had done to stop the epics people spit on him, and yelled crude things his direction when he walked down the street, the government tried to arrest him, and just because he was an epic he was considered a criminal. Some say that his heart literally turned to steel but no one actually knows because all of thoses that were there died. But something went off, something just clicked, blow up, went wrong but steelheart went bad and not just bad evil. His love for the the city and the people was gone.


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  • Mitchell says:

    I really liked the emotion in the story. It was a bit cliche, but that’s okay because I enjoyed the idea of the a hero gone rogue and becoming one of the biggest menaces in the world.

  • rrhodehouse says:

    I loved the line, “growing up he was sheltered from all the rage and jealousy that the world was,” and how it contrasted him to who he was before. I would have loved a little more dialogue!

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