tell me all about it.

Today i have been thinking about school. because i recently was sick so i was not at school. I was very nervous on what i missed. so i went and did some work and it all worked out. except for missing a test. that wasn’t good. the only thing that has gotten under my skin […]

what i’m reading

Well i have finished 14 books now. So i am going to start reading a book called thrawn. Its a Science fiction novel, which is from the star wars series. from what i know of the story, its about a general from the star wars trilogy. The generals name is general thrawn. He kinda looks […]

who am i as a reader?

I am a reader who enjoys non- fiction. I am not a fan of fantasy. Not a romance novel guy. SCI-FI is okay, unless its star wars or star trek than its hecking awesome. I don’t know why i hate fantasy books, i just find them whats the word…. oh yeah boring. i like present […]

how did i do in first term.

On a scale from Justin bieber (-6.7) to 10. I was about a 17.7656666666666 repeating. But we will round that to a 45. I had a lot of strengths, few weaknesses. Weakness number 1 (!) is most likely going to be developing the story and character. Strengths are getting work done on time. Others are […]

The power of words.

THE POWER OF WORDS! What is this power? Is it possible to learn this power (not from a Jedi, star wars reference). The power of words has to do with emotion, and thoughts. Certain words put of certain thoughts and feelings. Like the word “sneak” your first thought (probably) is they are trying to not […]

what kind of writer am i?

when i type short stories for English class, i tend to do okay on show don’t tell. I do on the other hand struggle with timing in the story, i either seem to rush the story line, or go to slow and show non important details. One of my other weaknesses is characterization, i have […]

how i felt about the first story.

The first story i read was “the black cat” by Edgar Allen Poe. Now to give a little background on the story think of getting your husband a nice black cat that he ends up loving and adoring. Oh goodie right? Then he gets HAMMERED (drunk) at the inn, comes home walks in the door. Then […]

what i look for i a good character.

In books and story there are certain things i look for in characters. Now there is a big and extravagant list of things good characters contain. some examples could be a good heart (metaphorically), or a brave soul. but the main thing a search for in a character is a strong will. strong will, or […]

The best book i have ever read

The best book i have ever read is “into thin air” by John Krakauer. It is about a team of climbers who are going to climb Everest. But on they’re way they encounter something dire. They encounter a rogue storm (unpredictable storm) but the team is too far away from camp to make it back before the […]

why do we read stories?

There is a great amount of answers, to the question “why do we read stories”. But the one i will focus on is that we can learn from characters mistakes. Non – fiction or fiction, most stories have a problem at hand, most show how to solve them. And who knows, maybe you could have […]

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