The First Story I Read

October 9, 2019 - Uncategorized

The story I chose to read was “A Sound Of Thunder.” It is by Ray Bradbury and I really liked it. How it starts is that there is this dude called Eckels who has paid a ton of money. He has paid all this money to Time Safari Inc. because he was going to go back in time and hunt a T-Rex. Inside of the time machine their are other people there as well. Two of them are also hunters and two are guides. When they get to the dinosaur times they must not touch anything because it could change the future forever! Things get complicated when they meet the T-Rex and have to kill it because some people can’t keep their cool. In the end more and more things happen that could ruin their lives and finally they must go home to the future to see if anything changed and make it their alive!!!!!

One thought on “The First Story I Read


That seems very intense if you run for your life from a dinosaur. I don’t think I’d even risk going back in time!


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