What’s On My Mind?
Right now I am in the mood to write a story. Here is my story: “Hey Benji, get up you’re going to be late for school!” my Mom yelled. I [...]
What’s This Got to Do With Me?
OK, so at first I was completely confused with how a story of a sniper who kills his brother but doesn’t know it and then learns it’s his [...]
Suspense and Word Choice
I was out at Discovery Park one night it’s shadows slowly creeping up the darker it got. My friends wanted to play fugitive and I had a feeling [...]
Free! Body and soul free!
When we where reading these last two stories/poem I really started to think how this applied to us in the modern day. While I was thinking about it, it [...]
1st Term Business
Wow is 1st term really almost over. I hope all of the terms go by this fast. Because of this class I feel like I can understand what I read and write what [...]
Technology: Friend or Foe?
I believe that technology can be a friend or foe depending on how you use it. I believe that the best way it can be our friend is through communication. [...]
The First Story I Read
The story I chose to read was “A Sound Of Thunder.” It is by Ray Bradbury and I really liked it. How it starts is that there is this dude [...]
What I’ve Been Reading
Have we seriously read for four hours in this class, that’s crazy!! In these four hours I have read a lot of books. Since I had started a twelve book [...]
I can use Figurative Language!
I walked down the hall the world around me roaring like there was an earthquake. I get into A3 and once the door closes everything seems as quiet as if I [...]
What Will The Future Be Like In 2099?
I personally think that the future will be pretty similar to what the movie “Back to the Future” thought 2015 would be like because that is so [...]
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