Blog post #2: The backstory

He sat on his bed staring at the floor, frozen. One breath in, one breath out. One blink, two blink. His hands were in his lap and his ankles were crossed and he was so small that his feet couldn’t reach the floor quite yet. You could see bruises up his arms and across his back. He just sat there till the roar of an engine was heard pulling up outside. Fear flooded into the boy. Still no movement.

You could slightly hear the front door being thrown open from his room then two large steps coming into the house. The boy now trembling with each step he hears from the man downstairs. The closer the steps got the louder they were. One step boom, two step boom. He was outside the boy’s bedroom and you could tell by the shadow you saw under the door and the deep breathes coming from the other side.

Finally movement, the boy ran to his closet and shut the door right before the door to his bedroom open. The man entering the room had to turn slightly sideways just to fit through the doorway cause of his broad stature. Hidden in the closet the boy heart was pounding and his breathes were short and fast. You could see the fear in his eyes even more so now but not only was he afraid but we was sad. He knew he did something wrong that day, and he knew the punishment.

“Come out of the closet and let’s talk James” the man said said with his deep and raspy voice that made anything he said scary. James knowing that it’ll be worse if he doesn’t come out opened the door and walked out with his head looking down. He could not look at his dad cause his eyes had no light in them, no soul. They were dark and evil and sent shiver down your spine if you did see them.

“James, you know I love you but it has to be this way, go stand at the wall.”

The wall, the most dreaded place in the house. The cold white wall with no excitement only grief and pain.

“Your mother said someone didn’t listen today, is that true?”

No response

“IS THAT TRUE?” James dad was now yelling and that was never good.

“Yes” said James, Quiet and weak.

“Yes what?”

“Yes sir”

“Because of you’re honesty you will have only 10 hits instead of 15, what do you say?

“Thank you”

“now turn around”

As James was turning around he only thought about how much he hated his mom and dad. He could not take it anymore. Now facing the wall James needed a way out but the first hit of his dads belt across his back sent pain through his back that he could no longer think about and escape. Second hit even worse then the first. Third hit, fourth hit all the way to the tenth hit. Without another word his dad left the room. James’s legs were weak after that that once his dad left the room he fell to the floor and starting sobbing. He needed to get out. He knew where the closest bus stop was he just needed to jump out the window knowing full that when he lands something is going to break, but it was a risk he was willing to take.

On the ledge of the window he looked down to were the ground was seeing that from the second story that was a was down but he had to do it. Three… Two… One. He jumped with all his might hoping his parents don’t hear him and hit the ground. CRACK. Pain shot through his left leg he looked down to see that his ankle was swelling. Definitely broken but he had no time to think about that. With all the strength he had left he got to his feet and stated walking to the bus stop at that moment his dad walked out the front door.

“James, of all the times I saw you look out the window and think about jumping I never thought you would.”

James with all the might he could starting running. He could not go back. he could see the bus stop and there came the bus. he just needed to get there before his dad reached him.

“James where do you think you’re going?” His dad started a jog knowing fully well that he would reach James before he even gets close to the bus. James now pumping with adrenaline forgot about his ankle and picked up the pace. About 20 steps away and his dad was about 10 steps behind him. He wasn’t gonna make it. About 5 steps to his right there was a large stick, a weapon. James jumping on top of the stick before his dad grabbed him turned and hit his dad over and over and over again.

When James finally stopped he saw that his dads breath was faint and he probably would not survive. His mother seeing all this from a distance rushed over to his fathers side and started to weep. “You stupid boy” she said in the middle of her sobs “Leave and don’t ever come back!” looking around for his way to leave James turned and never looked back. He was on his own now, nobody ever loved him then and nobody will ever love him now. He was a murderer and with that thought his heart turned to steel and his name is forever known as steelheart.

3 thoughts on “Blog post #2: The backstory

  1. That one really hit me in the feels. I thought it was an amazing story with great dialogue and an amazing backstory for someone as cruel and and as cold as Steelheart.

  2. Wow. That was powerful! I loved the way you used the dialogue to push the story forward. That is very much something Sanderson does in his books! Nice job. 🙂

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