today i worked on finding out what apps i could use to edit a music video and what microphones would be the best sounding, i have liked sips alot because you can pick something that expresses your personality. some tips would be to pick something you like that way your intrested and i wish i would have known to buckle down an work hard with good motivations

sips #4

today i worked on finding out what hair color i wanted to reach and how i can achive it. i am using hydrogyn peroxide and honey to achive a light brown, but to keep the color i decided to add baking soda because after an hour of research ive come to the concluson that it wioll help the color stay in for loger. however next time i will need tolook up how to color the roots of my hair.

sips pitch – nikkis

hey guys! so I’m teaching myself how to dye hair in a healthy way. so some questions i am trying to answer for myself are.. how light can i get it without damaging it? how much will this cost? will i actually look good with the dyed hair? …to answer these questions im going to use the internet and Pinterest ¬†as my source guides.

nikkis sips!!!

sips #1

whats poppin’ home slices, my names Nichole Aponte you should follow me on Instagram @nichole.aponte besides the point, irrelevant , anyways….my passion is ¬†anything in the cosmetics area! so I’ve decided to find natural ways to dye my hair such as hydrogen peroxide honey and baking soda. I’m studying this off the internet and Pintrest and also my sister is my guide she is a YouTuber for beauty and has very helpful tips!!

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