Post #3: News Article

An EBSCO news source states how Mongolia and North Korea have a bit of tension at the moment. The North Korean government current is trying to pressure or pity Mongolia into solving their problems and their leverage is their cultural similarities.

The DPRK has been trying to convince the Mongolian Government to help with their food crisis. There are high numbers of not just children that are malnourished but adults, as well as having stunted growth. Mongolia has been doing well with their food and crops and the ambassador is hoping to use them as an option out of their food shortage which is not only among their citizens but also their prisons and labor camps.

“Koreans and nearby Mongolians share an ancient ethnic and lingual heritage, and now it appears North Korea is hoping those ties will help them borrow a bit of needed butter and sugar.”- EBSCO¬†

Mongolia has been doing well in leading with the amounts of food as well as donation, I don’t believe that it affects us, but they do not seem to be in a state of unrest, they are pretty well off.

Post #2: Background Information

The population of Mongolia (2020) is 3,926,900. The city with the highest population is the capital Ulananbaatar with a total population of 1,144,954. Another major city is Erdenet, Orhon with a population of 79,647 people. The most common language spoken is Mongolian, there are two subcategories of Mongolian Oirat and Buryat. Mongolia has a poverty rate of 28.4%. Common diseases in Mongolia consist of echinococcus, tularemia, and anthrax. The largest religion is Buddhists with 53% of the population identifying as being Buddhists. The next actually identify as non religious with 38.6%. Mongolia recognizes most major world holidays. They celebrate Tsagaan Sar which is a three day observed holiday between February 24th-27th. A funny holiday they celebrate is Ghenghis Khan’s Birthday which is suspected to be November 19th. I learned lots of interesting facts about Mongolia, they have a high rate of non religious people and they struggle with getting people out of poverty.