Leave a comment down below that which one is the lie

  1. I love my Uncle Harry
  3. I love cats
  4. I made my own book
  5. I love dogs
  6. I have a Turtle.
  7. I  used to have a bunny.
  8. I’m a magician
  9. I have 1 dog and a cat
  10. I have a elf on the shelf
  11. im a bass ball player
  12. I sell candy
  13. I love soda  delicious
  14. I play fortnite
  15. I have 10 friends
  16. I have a magic set
  17. Im a you tuber
  18. I have a dinosaur costume
  19. I have a poce ball
  20. I have Legos  leave a comment down below to see which one is the is the truth and which one’s the lie.

Luke’s story

Luke was a boy. He had no friends and he hated school. So one morning he was going to pretend he was sick so that he did not have to go to school.  “Mom, I have a cold!” said Luke. Mom said,

“Get up and go to school!”

His plan did not work so he walked to school. He got to class and started to do math. He hated math! It was soooooooooooo hard! Then the teacher called on him.

“Luke, what is 1 +10?” He had to think about this…

“Is it 12?” Luke said.

“No Luke, it is 11.

The class laughed at him. He ran to an empty classroom. It was really old. It was dark. And no floor was there any more. Luke started to cry.


The teacher stepped into the classroom. He said to Luke, “I will help you with math!” The teacher that day made him stay at School.  

“Okay, what is 1+1?”




The reacher said, “You are a Really good at math! I know you are! Now, what is 4+ 4?”


“Yes! What is 8+8?”

“16,” said Luke

“Yes, what is “18-6?”

“Twelve! That is the same as 1+10”

“No, it is not the same!”  


The days went on and on. One day there was a test!

Luke hated tests. But he knew he could do it. Later, he found he passed the test. He got a 100 out of 100! He was so happy.

That day someone bullied  Luke! He ran home and played with his toys.

The next day, on the way to school, he was bullied  a gen! His name was

Jake. He was a thief. And bullied everyone. He was the top bully at that  school.

Jake said, “give me your homework!”

Luke said, no!, “I will not said Luke.”

Jake was mad like  a bee that looked like it was going to kill me! He punched me!

I punched him back.

Jack said, “your a noob!” Said Jack,.

“I am going to kill you!” Said Jack.

Suddenly, a teacher so everything! He ran to the principal office. They said to the office people and gone to the principal office.

They was  chasing the teacher and bugged   the principal.

Jack ran rit in the Office!

And Jack was x speld! Stodinly  out the hall and a grop of people.

And Luke  got everything!

He was smart and had a bunch of friends!

Luke loves school now.

The rest of the day he past a spelling test and got to go home rly!

It was the best day of Luke’s life.


  1. I have a you tube Channel.
  2. I love baldies basic.
  3. I love my little sister!
  4. I am a gamer on the you tube channel.
  5. I love the Amulet series
  6. I read DR. Seuss books
  7. I like dice games
  8. I have a cat
  9. I like  hamsters
  10. I love FIVE NIGHTS AT Freddy’s
  11. leave a comment down bellow for witch two is a lie.

Villager NEWS 1

braking news!  the u.f.o  from last Tuesday is a tack a gen ! but the win the guessing numbers Is (number guess  ) 1, 2, 100 and a picture of a dog and the win is….. the picture of the dog! i won! I won! hay  get this man of the stag ow! Ow! o and way is my mustache so sexy! aaaa. braking news a 4 villager three got to there library book on time! A ! ohhh  move out.hay I thought this was are interview! du (samp) your book has been Stampt thank you! nooo nooo the horse made me do it!The horse made me do it! you will never take me a live! u! aa he got a way well that´s it for villager news today and now for credits.

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