Villager NEWS 1

braking news!  the u.f.o  from last Tuesday is a tack a gen ! but the win the guessing numbers Is (number guess  ) 1, 2, 100 and a picture of a dog and the win is….. the picture of the dog! i won! I won! hay  get this man of the stag ow! Ow! o and way is my mustache so sexy! aaaa. braking news a 4 villager three got to there library book on time! A ! ohhh  move out.hay I thought this was are interview! du (samp) your book has been Stampt thank you! nooo nooo the horse made me do it!The horse made me do it! you will never take me a live! u! aa he got a way well that´s it for villager news today and now for credits.

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  1. love this. please go to my blog. i think you need to edit.

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