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The legend that I choose was the legend of the moon eating dragon, Bakunawa. In the Filipino culture they used to believe that there were several moons, seven to be exact. But during times of displeasure Bakunawa would eat the moons. This eventually lead to just one moon, the one we have today. The moons would determine  what food would be harvested. There isn’t really  a message behind this really but it  was very interesting to learn about the Philippines and it’s people

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Post #2: Background information

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The population of the Philippines is 103.3 million and most the people live on the three major islands of Mindanao, Luzon and Visayas. The capital is Manila which has a population of  12.78  million people Another major city is Cebu which has a population of 2.85 people. The two major languages are English and Filipino.

Nearly 80% of the country is catholic. There Independence Day is June 12.

Post #3

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In my article that I choose it talks about divorce in the Philippines and legalizing it in the  country. The Philippines is one of two countries in the world where divorce is illegal and the Filipino government is working to legalize the issue. I believe the reason that the country is this way and why divorce isn’t legal there yet is because it is because 80% of the country is Catholic and divorce goes against the religion

Post #1

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I picked the Philippines as my country because it is wear my Dad served his LDS mission. I hope to discover what the people and their culture is like. I’m curious to learn as much about this country as possible.

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