book declaration term 1

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I chose to read this book one because I like the author and the second reason is because the title brought me in and it was my kind of book because it has mystery and murder and it has romance and drama and family and I love how he wrights his books and how thrilling they are and I really like this one so fare right now they are getting to the part where they are finding some people who are dead and they are trying to find out how or who is killing them.





new school year 2019

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This year im excited to get to know my teachers and to learn more and be more ingaged in my work and school and im excited to do ballroom. I am also excited for orchestra this year

I like any kind of music i love doing sports like football, soccer, dance.

things that i like to do for my freetime is drawing, haning out with friends, swimming, reading, doing stuff with my family, watching TV.

midterm evaluations

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I get to go down to my ant’s house and help them move in to there new house that has about 10 bedrooms an has 9 bathrooms and it has a pool that we get to go swimming in and they have a tramp that is built into the ground and they have three storyes in there house and i get to live with them for 1 and 1/2 mouths and i get to help thim unpack there boxes and help thim move in to there rooms pic for summer.


My 4th term is going just how I thought it would it is going graet so fare and I have got the grades that I wont and i have been staying after school and it has helped a lot and i hope i can keep it up and that.




what are you doing for spring brack pic for spring bracki am going down to help my ant pack to go down to her house and i get to see my friend that i have not seen in a year.

Hello world!

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