1st Term Business

The 1st term went by fast but I feel good about my grades and the work I did this term but I could finish on time and do a better job on them. My goal next term is to do better with with finishing on time and do a better job on and I can put more effort in them to make my post better. I can start putting pictures with them which I should already do. I want to do better on my blogs and try harder then I do so they are more entertaining to read or at least not boring.

The First Story I Read

The Lottery by Shirley Jackson was the story I read. The people in the village have a tradition involving a black box where every head of house pulls out a paper and waits. The original tradition has been lost but it still going in this village. The village gathers together and the lottery takes 2 hours. There is one paper in the black box that is different then the other papers one of then had a black dot right in the middle of the paper. If you get that black dotted paper you lose the lottery but you also lose more.

What I’ve Been Reading?

what I have been reading currently is One of us is lying by Karen M. Mcmanus and Unwholly by Neal Shusterman. These books are actually pretty good, a friend recommended them to me. I have finished Unwind by Neal Shusterman and Go Ask Alice by Anonymous also recommended by said friend So yay friend! What I like about these books is the suspense and the mysteries theirs murders and people on the run in some of these book. What I dislike about theses books it some of the characters are annoying or trying to fight the characters I like in some way.

Small Improvement and 1% Grains

Small improvements and good habits to start today is compliment people or smile at someone you don’t know because it can in lighten someones day and they may need that. Another small accomplishment is to have a bed made everyday, to have a made bed after a extremely long day and to have productive beginning of the day will make your day less stressful and make you feel more accomplished. Little things to make life easier and improved you can start your morning by doing something like listen to your favorite song,  look of something funny, or throw marshmallows in to your mouth to start your morning off with a good mood.


My Reading Journey

My journey with reading is probably boring. When i was a child I did not read I despised it I would not read at home and at school when you had to do that fluency test thingy I did but was not terrible good at it. So my reading skills sucked but you know I soon did start to read for school really enjoyed it. Anyway my favorite book so far is Unwind by Neal Shusterman really good I recommend it. There are a lot of good books out there to read. and this my boring reading journey.