May 15

love moderately

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Romeo believes that if him and Juliet can just get the marriage over with then every one of their problems will be gone and their lives will be perfect. Friar Lawrence explains to him that none of that is true, marriage doesn’t solve all your problems and gives him some advice about what to do with their relationship. Friar Lawrence says they can’t be too extreme and they need to find the middle road because going too extreme can cause hate in the relationship and can just lead down a bad path so if they take the middle road they can really be a good couple and not have too many problems that can cause them to separate or anything along those lines. Romeo and Juliet are more on the extreme side, they think their lives are going to be perfect after they get married and they don’t even barley know each other. They need to work on finding that middle road and really understand that things won’t be so perfect.

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I think that in the story of romeo and Juliet, when the two families hate each other that the reason they did was they both just wanted to be like the top of the people and they want to show off, basically competing to be the better family so it eventually tuns into total enemies and they really just so deeply hate each other so when the two wanted to be together and they weren’t aloud to, they decided the only way to go is death. I think it’s so crazy that people can actually hate each other that much, BUT I do as well have a stronnnggg hate for someone that I know. We’ve known each other for a really long time and we’ve just never gotten a long. At one point we were good for a while and we hung out all the time but then one day out of no where when I was hanging with my best friend this girl that I hate asked if we wanted to hang out so we went and hung out and she was just giving me the dirtiest looks every time I would say something and she would just try to kind of push me out of the group and not include me and she got up and asked my friend to come with her somewhere and they left me and the girl I hate told my best friend that she doesn’t like me and she doesn’t want to hang out with me anymore and when my best friend asked why this girl just said no reason I just don’t anymore. So she wanted to leave and she invited my friend to go somewhere with her in front of my face and they left me and I had to just walk home alone and it was just not good. Before all this happened, I still hated her besides that one little time we were fine but honestly she is just the fakest person i’ve ever met! so yea that is why I hate her. And I don’t at all think it is irrational.

April 23

Should Shakespeare still be taught in schools?

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I think schools should definitely still be teaching Shakespeare, he was a very creative writer and he worked very hard. He was a big part in our history I think and we shouldn’t just forget about his great writing and all his work. Even if it might not seem like he is relevant to our generation since he is so “old” I think he has written some things that were people could relate to still. Also, reading his work improves our reading level and makes our brains a work harder and can make us smarter so i think it’s a good idea to keep teaching about him.

March 21

What I learned about people

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Everyone has a different story, I learned that people have so much more going on in their life other than just waking up every morning and coming to school then going home. There are people who play sports and they are just so dedicated to playing those sports or there are people who have struggled with something in their life and they are trying to get through it but people would never know because we just see the happy goofy personalities that they put out at school. They all have all these stories that make them who they are and bring them to the place they are right now and it’s cool that we got to listen to someone tell us about their lives and got to get to know them on a different level.

March 9

Work Will Work When Wishy Washy Wishing Will Not

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I’ve always struggled a bit with English and it’s just been hard for me to write and do anything basically that involves English, but I really wanted to try my best this year to understand how to do it and what I need to do to be at least a little bit good at so my goal was just to be better and listening to what were learning and to actually get help when I need it. I think this year so far I actually did good with English, Mr. Green did a really good job at making things as easy as possible but also helping to understand how to do it. The thing I struggled with the most is annotating and I think I got better as the year went on. I still want to work on writing paragraphs and essays cause I’m still not very good with those. I’m going to try to work on those still and hopefully by the end of the year I can do it without struggling that much and not needing so much help.

February 14

Good stuff

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Ms. Maudie ┬ásays “We’re making a step.” It’s just a baby-step, but it’s a step” (246). she’s saying that they are making progress, even though it’s not all happening at once and it’s not a big step but they’re making small progress and it’s getting them somewhere. I really like this because she’s happy and she’s staying positive about things, she’s happy that even something small is happening and it’s kind of motivating. It keeps the book up lifting and it doesn’t get sad even though bad events have happened. I picked it because I really like how up lifting it is to the people in the books.

February 12

An authority on courage- Wonder woman

I know you’re in a tough situation right now and you might not have any courage to deal with it. I know how it feels to deal with that, I’ve been in the same spot, but I handled it well and I grew courage and figured it out. I can help you to gain courage as well and help you for when you need to gain some. 1- Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do. 2- Don’t let them get you down as well or drag you down and stop you. 3- Stick up for what you believe is right. If you do these things it can help you a lot to become courageous!

February 2

Real courage

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“I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do” ┬áThis is Atticus definition of courage. I think its a good way of explaining what courage is and I think it’s saying that the most courageous people aren’t always going to be the ones that have like a weapon or who seem like they could hurt you but it’s the ones who have self control and can make a decision while fully knowing that something could go wrong and still go through with it and not give up on it. I’d say this is pretty similar to my definition because I also think it’s not always the ones who seem the strongest and all that who are most courageous and it’s the people who can stick with something they believe no matter what others say.

January 29


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I think this is a good idea that Atticus is trying to help this black man with this case even if he knows there isn’t a chance of winning it. I think that it is worth trying to help the man out because maybe there could be some kind of miracle and maybe Atticus could win this but really I think it’s worth it because 1st, it shows how good of a man Atticus is and it helps for people to see what the man really did and not just accuse him and see both sides of the story. I think if Atticus is going to take this case, he is already sacrificing basically everything so I think if he starts the case he shouldn’t stop because doing all this hard work then giving up just because of like a reputation or something is kind of selfish I guess BUT if it came to serious situations like his kids are put into danger because of it then I think that should be really the only reason he should stop. This really shows that Atticus is a hard working man and is willing to take any case but also shows hes caring and is really just a good man all around.

January 25

My thoughts on “To Kill A Mockingbird”

My thoughts on to kill a mocking bird are, I think it is an interesting book, it’s definitely a lot more interesting than i expected but it is a slow kind of book, at least it is to me. I get super interested but then every once in a while I will lose train of thought and zone out and start thinking of other things but it’s really not a bad book and I really think it is worth the all the hype that there is for it. I like how it is based on things going on in this time period and how it is placed in the south. I also like all the different characters there are, I think they’re really funny, cool and just really interesting. There is really anything that I dislike about it I really think that the book is good and nothing is bad about it. I’m just really excited to see how this book will end and also what will happen as we keep reading.