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Word Nerd 1.9

Source: Full Dark, No stars by Stephen King page 118

Context: “Around midnight, as I sat in the darkened parlor, doctoring my bellowing stump with little sips of whiskey, a grinding, rending sound came from the back of the house.”

In Their Words: Rending- to separate into parts with force or violence:

In My Words: Viciously cut in half or torn into separate pieces.

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It is known for dads to be the bad guys in stories. I’ve personally never acknowledged this in books but now that I think about it, most dads are portrayed as either evil or a hatred character. I would say it’s unknown why but I can still speculate some ideas about why books and stories decide to make the male character the ‘bad guy’. To start off with, most dads don’t act the way they act in books. I find it unfair for them to be portrayed as evil people. It also may teach lessons to children that all dads are bad. Including their very own. It could possibly be considering the fact that society has based them as terrible people. Society has portrayed them as the bad guys unwillingly and that has taken a toll on how we get to view them in books. I hope more authors realize how Dads now days are being portrayed and they find a way to enlighten the topic.

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Deep Thinkers 1.4

Source: Full Dark, No Stars by Stephan King page 56

Quote: “If God rewards us on earth for good deeds—the Old Testament suggests it’s so, and the Puritans certainly believed it—then maybe Satan rewards us for evil ones.”

Context: Wilfred had just committed murder, killing his wife and dragging his son along. Time has gone by and all Wilfred has experienced so far was luck. Plenty of heat and sun for their corn and just enough rain to keep their vegetable garden fresh. He starts to believe that his deeds aren’t being punished but rather gifted by Satan himself. Later on in the story, karma will come after him leaving him in isolation and despair.

This makes me think: This passage almost has a bone chilling affect to it. It seemed to  intrigue me, knowing that’s how Wilfred felt after killing his own wife. This passage plays an eery feeling that taunts you with not just Wilfred’s actions but your actions too. It also seems eery considering him not knowing the kind of terror that will happen later on. I can give an insight that he might feel so unbearable that he feels as if he’s being rewarded. To cover up the fact that he had murdered someone, just trying to make himself feel better. Trying to convince his mind that whatever had just happened isn’t as half as bad as long as him and his son keep their mouths shut.

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“There is not Always a Good Guy” – The First Tale

Reading stories without a lesson can indulge in creativity. You are able to create your own lesson or take in different perspectives. Stories sometimes will include things other than the good guy and the bad guy. The reason why some stories don’t follow that ‘rule’ is because creativity. A story different then others tell us quite much more and can be less predictable. I think we read them out of curiosity and to get a better picture. Not always will a story include a protagonist and an antagonist. They can have a fine line between both and the creativity with that is brilliant. We can learn about these rulers who are in between with good and evil. We can apply it to our daily lives because we are surrounded by those kind of people. These stories can teach us a lesson about the good and the bad.Image result for protagonist and antagonist


Word Nerd 1.8

Source: Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King on page 61.

Context: “Once I was outside the house, the agonized lowing was very loud, and hollow, somehow.”

In Their Words: Lowing: to utter the deep, low sound characteristic of cattle; moo.

In My Words: Lowing: Creating a ‘moo’ like sound, deep and low.

In Pictures:

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The Wildness of Stories

The one things about stories, they can most definitely be wild things. Sometimes people visualize a story as just words written on paper but it has more to that. It has words that could make you laugh, smile, and sometimes cry. Just by the power of words. They are known as the wild things, stories can tell any tale and add any kind of detail the author desires. I think a story can wreak anything. Its all up to the creator, but its also how you decide how you want to use your imagination. The wild thing about stories, they let you explore with your emotions along with your imagination.

Word Nerd 1.7

Source: Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King, page 26

Context: “This disquiets some people (and there are the foolish ones who say it’s the sound of the corn actually growing), but I had always found that quiet rustling a comfort.”

In Their Words: Disquiets: lack of calm, peace, or ease; anxiety;

In My Words: The absence of being at peace; calm.

In Pictures: 

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Why Read Sad Stories?

Sad books may not seem appealing to everybody but I would indeed add that they are good to read at times. In this class and my English class, we have viewed and read many sad stories. I think we’ve done this because we need to feel this emotional connection with the character. Emotional connections with characters lets you create a bondage with the story you’re reading. Making the book seem more inciting and reading something with a purpose. Not only does it do so, but it let’s you express brief emotions and makes good topic starters. People want to feel this emotional connection and indulge themselves with such topics, that’s why they spend there own money on such books. When it comes to reading, we should try reading sad stories, books that create a connection.

He Was Without Imagination

The Man’s problem has to do with the whole upbringing of him dying because of his lack of imagination, no doubt. That being said, I do agree with London that this story could go to show how imagination effects you sincerely. Lack of imagination could erupt the thought of having such creative ideas. Possibly if The Man would’ve brought his imagination into this type of situation, he could’ve been alive. His whole goal was to collect the gold and nothing more. As challenges slowly got in his way, he had no creative way to solve these problems. Lack of imagination doesn’t just target ones who are out in the freezing cold, but can benefit everyone around the world. If we were talking about someone in Pleasant Grove, there could be a million types of scenarios. How would you be able to go through your day to day life without some type of imagination to enhance your thinking skills? The importance of imagination doesn’t just bring along safety but the creativity we should all have. Going through school with this type of imagination is for the better. Now think, all of the stories and books you’ve read overtime, have they consisted of imagination? The thought process of writing a book or just an overall essay takes the imagination and creativity we put into it. That’s what London has implied for us.

Book Review 1.1

What I Read: I Am Legend by Richard Matheson, a book about science fiction, vampire literature, horror, and doomsday. This book is 444 pages and I give it a 5 star rating.

How it starts: The main character in the story is Robert Neville, a character filled with courageous actions but fear in his eyes. The setting takes place in New York City, in Robert Neville’s home. He’s all alone in a world where vampire zombies are roaming around. He’s the only one that is immune to such a plague that caused these vampire zombies. All he is hoping for is to stay alive, trying to hide from what lies beyond his house.

How it gets complicated: The obstacles he has to face are absurd. All he wants to do is to find the cure to revive back what was once alive. On his adventures, he comes across more and more obstacles, making it harder to find the cure. If he messes up one thing, he could potentially put his life at risk.

What I liked: The most enticing thing about this story is the obstacles he has to face. He always meets face to face with a challenge, keeping you on the edge of your seat the entire time. I’m also a huge horror fan, this book was definitely pleasing. You also got to seek into the mind of the last man on earth. It shows that loneliness can really erupt a mind, possibly drive someone crazy.

What I disliked: Even though I think this book was fantastic, I did have some cons about the book. Being able to seek into Robert Neville’s mind and every step of the way can sometimes become frustrating. The choice’s he makes for himself aren’t always the smartest decision which can obviously get your blood boiling as you read on. I felt as if the author had intended this to see if you can think deeper into the character. It was a good move, but still a bit infuriating.

Recommendation: This book would be enticing to the viewers who want to start getting into horror books. It doesn’t make your skin scrawl as much but it does make you wonder and leaves a chill down your spine. If you also find doomsday books entertaining, this book is for you. It lets you get a concept of what possibly the end of the world could be like, making it more and more terrifying.

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