Love Moderately

When Friar Lawrence tells Romeo to “Love Moderately” This means to not be super aggressive all of the time, but to find the middle ground. Shakespeare starts comparing it to honey, all though honey is sweet if you have too much honey then you’l get sick of it. So he is saying that if you have too much love then you’ll get tired of it. Romeo and Juliet are getting married a day after they met each other, so Friar Lawrence has a good point towards them sense they barley even know each other I’m confused of if I think this is good advice or not. Because if you don’t love each other a lot then you’ll get tired of each other and you’ll just become bored. The definition of love is “an intense feeling of deep affection. But also you need to have some limits on a lot of things. If you love too much then one day it’ll feel like nothing at all and you’ll get tired of it all.Image result for love


Everyone has Someone or something that they hate. Although hate is not a good thing we all hate something. When people hate someone or something it’s probably from a past experience that they have had. Or maybe its just because something is off about that person or thing. There is only one person on this planet that I hate. Not because they did something to me, but they did something to my brother that hurt him a lot and it hurts me to see my only brother hurting like this because of her. My brother is my best friend, he is so kind to everyone around him, he has an amazing sense of humor, and so much more. And he does not deserve to be treated the way she treated him. I know its not the worst thing in the world but they hurt my brother. Also one thing that I hate is ginger (not red heads Ethan, Amy, and Emmy. Its the spice) Because one time when I was little I made gingerbread cookies at my grandmas house and hen I ate them all when I got home and after that I got very sick. And to this day I can’t stand the smell of them.

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Should Schools Still Teach Shakespeare?

Some people say that we shouldn’t be reading or teaching Shakespeare because it is not relevant to today’s time or that it is to difficult to read. But that is so wrong. Shakespeare is amazing and is also known as one of the worlds greatest writers. Even though Shakespeare has dead for a long time and his writings are difficult to understand, it helps us become better readers and writers learning to understand how the writing was in the late 1500’s and the early 1600’s. Others also say that they don’t teach about him because he was a “white man”. What is wrong with being white? It was not his fault or choice! Some others said that he was racist. But Shakespeare wrote about people of many races, he was not racist in any way what so ever. Shakespeare had tons of amazing writings and plays and he deserves to be taught is schools because it can help kids learn how to understand the language and become more educated in reading and writing.

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What I Don’t Know About My Fellow Students

There is so little that we know about the students in this school. There are so many different people in this school who all have different circumstances. Yeah, we all know of the popular’s, or the cute kids, and the smart kids, and the not so smart kids, but do you really know them? Of course you know more about one person than another because we get along better with some people than we do others. For example I know a lot more about my best friend than I do about the person that I sit by in my classes. But what  have learned is that everyone has one or a couple of things that they don’t tell anyone, not even their best friend in the whole entire world.  Everyone has there own things that they don’t want anyone to know about, I know I do. I know that some people are really shy and others are just an open book to everyone, but everyone has at least a chapter in their own book that they don’t tell or show anyone.

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Work Will Work When Wishy Washy Wishing Will Not

At the start of this year I have had a couple of goals that I really wanted to achieve. I wanted to get better at reading and writing. This year I am getting better at reading when i’m not told to (very surprising). If you know me even a little you will know that I don’t like reading and I am not very good at it. But this year I have been working hard at getting better at reading. Another thing i have been working on is writing. I really like to write but not read for some odd reason. But this year sense i have been working on my reading it has improved my writing. I still need to get better at reading so I want to keep working on it till I like it, so now i’m making myself read for an hour every day.

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What Makes a Person Great?

What does make a person great? There are many ways that a person can be great. Like some people can have great style, some can have great hair, some have great academic abilities. But I think what makes a person great is their personality and how they treat others. The way people treat others has a real impact on their personality. people with a good personality who are humble and kind are more likely to treat others well and be kind to them. If your personality is stubborn that may meant that you treat others poorly. A great person are the ones who care about others feelings and want the best for them in life.Image result for happy

To kill a mockingbird review

I really liked this book actually. I thought it was going to be boring because all of my older relatives from the ancient ages liked it and recommended this book to be so I didn’t really want to read it because all of my relatives have bad taste, or so I thought. I thought in the first part of the book / movie that it had this whole introduction with Boo Radley and then in the second part of the book it had nothing to do with him until the very end, which all makes sense now. I felt like the movie was good I just wish it had more detail. In the book Calpurnia has a pretty good part but in the movie it’s like you barley even know who she is. Also in the book they have their family Christmas party and Aunt Alexandria comes and lives with them but in the movie none of that happened. Another example is when the house catches on fire and Boo gives Scout a blanket, I think that they should of included it into the movie because it shows that Boo actually cares for the kids, But overall i really liked the book and the movie. I liked that they had some similarities and had some differences too.Image result for scout and jem

The good stuff in chapter 22-23

In chapter 22 Atticus  says At the trial for Tom Robinson Jem was really excited because he was sure that they were going to win. At the end of the trial Robinson was said guilty, but everybody knew that he was not guilty and that Mr. Ewell had beaten up Mayella. Jem started crying and saying that its not fair and right before Jem and Scout go to bed  atticus says “They’ve done it before and they did it tonight and they’ll do it again and when they do it–seems that only children weep.” This quote is really interesting. Because its saying that children don’t really judge people by their skin color or what job they have. They judge on how kind and fun the person is. I think this quote is trying to tell us that kids really do understand whats going on maybe even more than the adults do. The children don’t care what people look like, it’s how they act.

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An Authority on Courage – my dad

A long time ago in a far off place named Pleasant Grove my dad had to make a hard choice weather or not he really wanted to be a police officer or not. He chose to because he wanted to help his community. A while after he got married and had children. One day his only son asked him if he should become a police officer and the wise old man at the age of 42 said “son, being an police officer takes a lot of work and courage to do something that puts your life at risk every day. you also have to deal with the stupid fireman who sit around all day” by this time the son was thinking of not being an officer because it does not sound fun. Then his old man kept talking, he said “you really have to love something to do it for the rest of your life but son, it is an honor to serve the community, look how far I have come i am not the chief of police You also get to meet a lot of new people that you may not know at the time, but they will have a big impact in your life.” And at that moment the son realized that he was going to be like his dad and serve the community.

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Real Courage

In the end of chapter 11 when Atticus says  “I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do.” I think what Atticus was trying to say is that it takes courage to read to a crazy old lady who doesn’t like you or your family and is extremely rude to you. Because it also took a lot of courage for Atticus to shoot Tim Johnson and I think he was worried that Jem and Scout were going  to think that that was the only type of courage. But there are so many other types of courage not just when you have a gun in your hand. It takes courage to talk to certain people or stick to your beliefs even when you  know you’re going to lose.Image result for courage