What am I reading?

I just finished reading “The Fault In Our Stars” by John Green. Its about a girl named Hazel who has lung cancer and she goes to this support group for kids that have cancer osteosarcoma cancer, and meets this guy named Augustus Waters. They become “special friends”. Hazel really just wants to have a normal life and be able to run around, walk for a long time, just doing stuff that normal people do. But what is stopping her for doing what she wants is her cancer and being able to breath by herself. The thing i like about this book is how he puts so much detail in describing the characters, and i really like his writing style. Why I don’t like this book is because what happens in the end of this book. I would definitely recommend this book to other people because, it has an awesome story line to it.Related image

What kind of writer am I?

As a writer, I feel like i’m am good at writing stories with lots of detail, stories are boring if they dint have detail in the story. I like to read about not just who the character is but what they look like, their hair color, the color(s) of their eyes, what cloths they like to wear, their hobbies, etc. Honestly I dint really mind essay writing if I have enough time to put the detail in whatever I am writing about and if I have the correct information. But I have to improve on some things, like my spelling. I am not the best at spelling and punctuation, sometimes i have a herd time figuring out how to spell a certain word and where to put the correct punctuation. I feel like I can do better at this if I need help I can ask questions and try to fix my mistakes.Image result for writing

Why we tell stories

Stories, we all love to hear stories. Wether they are about sword fighting with princes and princesses, or about little red riding hood, or even when your grandma tells you her childhood stories about her child hood or she might say “back in the olden days.” We all love hearing stories for the entertainment. But is it all about just entertaining ourselves? Or is there more to it? You see, there are a lot more to stories than you may think. Stories, books, magazens, etc. they all have a story behind it. It may just be that someone has a lot of interest in the topic that you are reading, or the author may be pouring their heart out in story form, or the author is writing about their life. We can learn a lot from books, like how to cook, or how to deal with stuff going on in your life. Stories also bring people together and make us joyful because of the wonderful stories.Image result for books

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