Here is the story of how I died… i wont give my name for i deserved this death because of my actions.

When I was young I always had this thing for Halloween, it was always my favorite holiday because I got to play pranks and scare people but of the changed on October 31, 1999. That morning my girlfriend came to come pick me up for school. When she came in she handed me this doll and told me “I found this at the store and thought your little sister might like it.” I was kind of suspicious at first but i know my girlfriend would never ever do anything to harm me or my family, so I handed the doll to my little sister and went off to school. When I got home from school i was suppose to watch my little sister because my parents were going out withe their friends. When I walked through the door I called her name and no answer, I called her again, and no answer… I was feeling very apprehensive I knew something was up so i went down to her room to find the poll on her bed… But not just one doll… two of them, one looking just like my little sister! Then I realized that the car was still in the garage and I ran into my parents room to find them as doll’s too. I gathered all of the doll’s and cried in my room… And realized that now I was a doll too.Image result for creepy doll

The Sticky Issue of Equality

The definition of equality is the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities, which is saying that all people should be treated with equal respect, not more than others. Even though some people are born with a good family and a good life and other people are unfortunate and don’t get to have those things, that doesn’t mean that they should be treated differently. The government is supposed to be making sure every body is getting treated how they should be. It doesn’t matter if you are black or white, catholic or jewish, rich or poor, gay or straight, fat or skinny. None of that matters, we should all be treated with the same respect of everyone else. But in the society that we live in everyone is judging people for who they are and it’s not okay. People are out there killing themselves  because of the things people are judging them for. We are having wars because of these things!!! It doesn’t freaking matter what you may look like or what your background is. All that matters is that we are people and all people needed to be treated with respect.Related image

Self Reflection Term 1

How did you do in this class this term? What was your greatest success? What do you most need to improve? What is your plan to succeed next term?

Well this term was pretty chill. We read a few stories and poems and annotated them. We wrote summaries on them and a paragraph explaining the story’s and poem. We wrote a lot of blog posts and commented on a lit of you classmates posts. It was really fun to see what other people said about my posts. My favorite pose we did was about Egregious and Havoc because we could write about whatever we wanted to, so i wrote about Nacho Libre! I think my greatest success was setting up my blog. I’m really satisfied with how it turned out. i need to improve turning in my work in on time, so what i’m going to do is try to turn in all of my work on time.Image result for reading 

The Future

The future. It’s a weird thing to think about, like how i’ll look in 75 years or if ill even be alive in 75 years. To be honest i’m scared for the future because, there area going to be a lot of new technology that will have like holographic’s oh your phone calls, more gaming devices, and new devices for kids to use that i feel like people will be more distracted by the social media that they wont’t be at all social and all they will do is just text and rarely have one on one conversations. And if you cant talk to people personally then that can lead to mental disorders like anxiety and depression. Transportation will be very different. I feel like we will have hovering cars and jets and plains that go 10 times faster than they already do. In 75 years we will have robots to do out house and ward work for us. We will have more modern buildings and less trees.

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Blog Post – Freewrite – Egregious and Havoc

The movie “Nacho Libre” is about me (nacho) wanting all of the glory with wrestling. You see, i love to wrestle but I cant do it in front of god and my family back at the orphanage. Because god said not to wrestle your neighbor, but i need money for food for the sweet little orphans that I work for and Steven is an awesome teammate. But wrestling can be very Egregious and Havoc. Egregious because it was very shocking when i beat Ramses because I was losing very badly but once Sister Encarnasion and all of those precious little orphans showed up i had to win for them. But also havoc because of all of the of the destruction that I do to the other people because of my eagle powers. Now sense I beat Ramses I am happy and now a can give all of the orphans what they deserve.Image result for nacho libre