To kill a mockingbird review

I really liked this book actually. I thought it was going to be boring because all of my older relatives¬†from the ancient ages liked it and recommended this book to be so I didn’t really want to read it because all of my relatives have bad taste, or so I thought. I thought in the first part of the book / movie that it had this whole introduction with Boo Radley and then in the second part of the book it had nothing to do with him until the very end, which all makes sense now. I felt like the movie was good I just wish it had more detail. In the book Calpurnia has a pretty good part but in the movie it’s like you barley even know who she is. Also in the book they have their family Christmas party and Aunt Alexandria comes and lives with them but in the movie none of that happened. Another example is when the house catches on fire and Boo gives Scout a blanket, I think that they should of included it into the movie because it shows that Boo actually cares for the kids, But overall i really liked the book and the movie. I liked that they had some similarities and had some differences too.Image result for scout and jem

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  1. I felt the same way. My family all wanted me to read To Kill a Mockingbird but I never did until this year. I really liked how you said Aunt Alexandria needed to be in the movie because I totally agree that she is a very important character.

  2. you said “I really liked this book actually.” this was because your relatives recommended it to you. do you have secret family beef?

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