Should Schools Still Teach Shakespeare?

Some people say that we shouldn’t be reading or teaching Shakespeare because it is not relevant to today’s time or that it is to difficult to read. But that is so wrong. Shakespeare is amazing and is also known as one of the worlds greatest writers. Even though Shakespeare has dead for a long time and his writings are difficult to understand, it helps us become better readers and writers learning to understand how the writing was in the late 1500’s and the early 1600’s. Others also say that they don’t teach about him because he was a “white man”. What is wrong with being white? It was not his fault or choice! Some others said that he was racist. But Shakespeare wrote about people of many races, he was not racist in any way what so ever. Shakespeare had tons of amazing writings and plays and he deserves to be taught is schools because it can help kids learn how to understand the language and become more educated in reading and writing.

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