Love Moderately

When Friar Lawrence tells Romeo to “Love Moderately” This means to not be super aggressive all of the time, but to find the middle ground. Shakespeare starts comparing it to honey, all though honey is sweet if you have too much honey then you’l get sick of it. So he is saying that if you have too much love then you’ll get tired of it. Romeo and Juliet are getting married a day after they met each other, so Friar Lawrence has a good point towards them sense they barley even know each other I’m confused of if I think this is good advice or not. Because if you don’t love each other a lot then you’ll get tired of each other and you’ll just become bored. The definition of love is “an intense feeling of deep affection. But also you need to have some limits on a lot of things. If you love too much then one day it’ll feel like nothing at all and you’ll get tired of it all.Image result for love

Should Schools Still Teach Shakespeare?

Some people say that we shouldn’t be reading or teaching Shakespeare because it is not relevant to today’s time or that it is to difficult to read. But that is so wrong. Shakespeare is amazing and is also known as one of the worlds greatest writers. Even though Shakespeare has dead for a long time and his writings are difficult to understand, it helps us become better readers and writers learning to understand how the writing was in the late 1500’s and the early 1600’s. Others also say that they don’t teach about him because he was a “white man”. What is wrong with being white? It was not his fault or choice! Some others said that he was racist. But Shakespeare wrote about people of many races, he was not racist in any way what so ever. Shakespeare had tons of amazing writings and plays and he deserves to be taught is schools because it can help kids learn how to understand the language and become more educated in reading and writing.

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What I Don’t Know About My Fellow Students

There is so little that we know about the students in this school. There are so many different people in this school who all have different circumstances. Yeah, we all know of the popular’s, or the cute kids, and the smart kids, and the not so smart kids, but do you really know them? Of course you know more about one person than another because we get along better with some people than we do others. For example I know a lot more about my best friend than I do about the person that I sit by in my classes. But what  have learned is that everyone has one or a couple of things that they don’t tell anyone, not even their best friend in the whole entire world.  Everyone has there own things that they don’t want anyone to know about, I know I do. I know that some people are really shy and others are just an open book to everyone, but everyone has at least a chapter in their own book that they don’t tell or show anyone.

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To Kill a Mockingbird–So Far

When we started reading this book I wasn’t that excited to read it because everyone who was telling me it was good was older than 30 and it sounded boring to me. But now that we are more into the book I really really like it because its not talking about boring old stuff. I really like that this book is focus on two siblings and them trying to figure out who this boo radley is and why he is always staying in the house. I like how this book is set in the south and you can hear their southern accents in your head through the words your reading. I just don’t get where the racism comes in, in this book. Maybe its because were not even 100 pages in, but i can’t wait to keep reading this and figure out why the title is “To Kill a Mockingbird”Related image

Climbing Into Other People’s Skin

climbing onto other peoples skin is like saying walking a mile in other peoples shoes. What Atticus is saying is seeing what the other peoples point of views in certain topics. The admonition to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes means before judging someone, you must understand his experiences, challenges, thought processes, etc. You have to understand what the person is going through and what their dealing with before you judge them. None of us were born into the exact same situation, although some of our situations may be similar they are not the same. We have to see things from other peoples point of view so we can understand why they are acting the way that they are. It is really helpful to understand why people are doing things the way that they are, because if you just judge people right off the bat then you will never know what its like living in their shoes.Image result for walking in other people's shoes

2nd Semester Goals and Aspirations

This first semester of English was pretty chill. The subject / thing I was best in was my blog and annotating poems and short story’s. But the things I struggled with was writing the essays. I have a very short attention span and it’s hard for me to focus on one topic for a long period of time. I’m also a pro at procrastinating, which means I usually saved the majority of my essay till the night before it was due or it would be lase because we had 2 weeks to do it and I still didn’t do it and forgot about it (don’t do that its stupid) So this year i’m going to work on doing me essays on time and not waiting till the last minute. And I am going to ask for help of I don’t understand a certain topic or meaning. Image result for writing

The Help

The book that I chose is “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett because Avery and faith said that it was really good and I’ve wanted to read it for a while now.Image result for the help book

Design Thinking

If your like me you have your own way of wanting to learn things. But how do we know what to put into our lesson if we don’t know what will catch the listener / readers attention? Design thinking is a great process to help us know how our peers like learning about things and what will catch their attention. We figured out that the majority of our class likes learning about the central idea and the theme of what we are talking about. But if we talked about like the history the story / poem was set in then the people we were teaching wouldn’t want to pay attention because it’s boring, but if we teach more about the things that we want to learn and a little bit of the other stuff then we will have more kids paying attention in class and more kids getting things out of the lesson.Image result for cartoon thinking

How I define equality

I have recently read the short story Harrison Bergeron and it talks about everyone being equal. The definition of equality is the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities. How i define equality is that everyone has the same rights and is treated with respect. It doesn’t matter if you are black or white, catholic or jewish, rich or poor, gay or straight, fat or skinny. None of that matters, we should all be treated with the same respect of everyone else. But in the society that we live in everyone is judging people for who they are and it’s not okay. People are out there killing themselves  because of the things people are judging them for. We are having wars because of these things!!!  We are all different and unique in our own ways. It doesn’t matter where you come from everybody should be treated with respect. No one is better than anyone else because in the end, we are all people and we all deserve respect.Image result for equality


Here is the story of how I died… i wont give my name for i deserved this death because of my actions.

When I was young I always had this thing for Halloween, it was always my favorite holiday because I got to play pranks and scare people but of the changed on October 31, 1999. That morning my girlfriend came to come pick me up for school. When she came in she handed me this doll and told me “I found this at the store and thought your little sister might like it.” I was kind of suspicious at first but i know my girlfriend would never ever do anything to harm me or my family, so I handed the doll to my little sister and went off to school. When I got home from school i was suppose to watch my little sister because my parents were going out withe their friends. When I walked through the door I called her name and no answer, I called her again, and no answer… I was feeling very apprehensive I knew something was up so i went down to her room to find the poll on her bed… But not just one doll… two of them, one looking just like my little sister! Then I realized that the car was still in the garage and I ran into my parents room to find them as doll’s too. I gathered all of the doll’s and cried in my room… And realized that now I was a doll too.Image result for creepy doll