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One thing I was thinking about over the break is how thankful I am for music. It’s kind of a silly thing but hear me out. Music is almost the thing that moves me through life, and has honestly gotten me through a lot of hard things too.

Another thing I am grateful for would be culture. I have always been a very inquisitive person and love to see the world through curiosity and well, culture. I love seeing other peoples view on the world and how they live, and a lot of the time its very different from me.

That leads me into my last point which is how I am thankful for freedom. The fact that we can live in a country where we can be ourselves and not get judged for our religion, ethnic background, sexuality, etc, is a big deal. A lot of people in other country’s don’t have what we have and for that I fell extremely lucky and very thankful.

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  • Mr. Green commented on December 20, 2019 Reply

    I don’t think it’s silly to write about music (it’s actually what I wrote my post about as well, though yours actually takes a much more mature approach). There’s a reason we put so much emphasis on it as a culture. There are not very many things that cut to the source of our emotions and can make us reflect the way music can. I think music is something worth being grateful for.

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