Consider Things from Her Point of View

For this assignment I wrote about Mayella Ewell. In this last few chapters her and her dad are considered the bad guys in this situation. And I’m not saying I disagree. I do think however that we have to think about what she might have been through with her dad. Even tho Tom Robinson was convicted. There is a pretty big chance that her father raped her, and may have raped her many times in the past, and Tom Robinson just so happened to get in the middle of things. It all comes down to how you were raised, and later decisions you make. And if it is the case that her father is the one who committed the crime. She could have come forward, and been fully protected. But again, this is all a black mans word against a white man’s, so there is a chance that wouldn’t have even mattered. Its a hard situation.


  • Ahsan commented on March 26, 2020 Reply

    wow cool story i really like it and i like your picture

  • Amy commented on March 26, 2020 Reply

    The part where you mentioned how she could’ve come forward got me thinking. Even though she could’ve been protected like you said, she was so scared of her father that she didn’t want to. She was living in constant fear, everyday. It’s really sad.

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