Casting Characters For Stray

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Ciara Wilson Ciara Wilson as Aislynn

“While she didn’t have her mother’s Northern complexion, they shared the same long fingers and eggcup chin, a chin that seemed far to small for Aislynn’s face.” “Her way hair and large brown eyes were an inheritance from her Western father, along with the skin the color of toasted bread.” “But while his was lovely and smooth, her cheeks turned a splotchy red when she blushed.” I chose Ciara Wilson to be Aislynn because she was looked the closest to what the book described. Ciara is also the same age as Aislynn so the movie wouldn’t have a thirteen year old playing a seventeen year old.

 Jamie Flatters as Thackery

“His hair was dark and rumpled.” “Like the others in the inn he was dressed in a variety of colors, and he was using his green vest to clean off the apple he held.” “The stranger took a bite of the apple. His shirtsleeves were rolled up to his elbows.” I chose Jamie Flatters to play as Thackery because I think he was closest to how the book described Thackery. You know how a book puts an image into your head of how you think the characters would look like well in my mind he looks a little bit different than this. But this was the closest to what the image in my mind looked like.

Daniella Perkins Daniella Perkins as Brigid

“After a few moments, it swung open to reveal a girl, a little older than Aislynn, dressed in a servants’ uniform: her ankle-length skirt under a matching apron, her blouse buttoned to her chin.” “Her head uncovered, tight darks curls pulled back from her tired face.” I chose Daniella Perkins to play as Brigid because I think she best matches her description with her dark curly hair. Although she definitely doesn’t have a tired expression on her face.

Clare Foley Clare Foley as Linnea  

“and, the girl herself was luminous as she sat up in bed, her copper hair bundled up in ribbons.” “Her blue eyes were bright and her skin fresh like milk.” “The young princess barely reached Aislynn’s shoulder, her diminutive height only adding to her doll-like appearance.” It was very hard to choose somebody to play as Linnea because she didn’t appear in my book for quite a while but when I finally quotes I was searching like a madwoman I chose to different actresses before Clare Foley and I decided she was the one. She has bright blue eyes and pale skin she also doesn’t look like she’s sixteen she looks thirteen and in the book it describes how she’s looks younger than she actually is.

Term 4 Blog Post

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For my book I chose a book called, “Stray” it’s by Elissa Sussman. I chose this book because I couldn’t find anything else all the books that at my house are either 2nd to 3rd grade level or just picture books. I thought I was really gonna hate this book because I’m more of a romance person. I found it this book has some romance in it though so that made me pretty happy. Even though I thought I was going to hate this book I’m only nine pages in and it seems pretty good.

(This is a picture of my book.)
The reading level of this book is for teens and I know that because I looked on amazon. I’m not really sure what my main character’s age is her name is Aislynn. She is a princess and she’s going to be contained. Which means she would be sixteen turning seventeen. The quote that supports that is, “But Aislynn said nothing. She supposed that being so close to turning seventeen without a proposal of marriage would make someone very desperate indeed.”
I looked and there is pretty much no information on her all I know is that she´s married and has a rescue dog named Basil. Goodreads says that she´s a ¨Writer, reader, pumpkin pie eater.¨ My book doesn´t have any information on her. Because I can’t find any information on her it doesn’t say if she’s won any awards although I don´t think she has I´m pretty she’s a somewhat new author though.

My Reading: A Self Avaluation

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My reading index score is 1109 that means I’m at a 10th grade reading level. I feel pretty good about it it’s definitely gone up from the beginning of this year I’m am proud of myself but in seventh grade I was at a 11th grade reading level. I think that my score shows that I should probably read longer books instead of 200-400 maybe I could read just a little bit longer.

I think I did pretty good on my book report for third term, it wasn’t the best but I tried my best. It was kind of stressful when I was presenting it because I was really nervous and I didn’t really have a lot of the stuff I needed at my house and my mom wouldn’t take me shopping. I got 100% though so I’m not complaining. Although I had this weird cardboard doll and that was kind of awkward to show everybody, but she was wearing cute pajamas!

My book report for this term will definitely be more prepared to present and I will have the items. I actually don’t have a book yet but it will probably be either romance, mystery, horror themed. I didn’t make the choice based on other people’s books. It’s not that they were bad or anything they just weren’t my type.

Call To Adventure Of Life

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Everyday I get up around 6:30 and get ready to school. At school I do my best to listen to my teachers but it’s hard sometimes. At lunch sometimes I actually listen to my friends but sometimes I don’t. Thankfully after school is over I can go home to my one true love… NETFLIX, well after I do my homework and chores of course because my dad will freak out if I don’t do them.

My call to adventure was when I realized that I wasn’t going to make friends or have the best experience if I didn’t gain more confidence. All through out elementary school I was definitely one of the most shy people there. I was more confident and talked a little bit more in 6th and 7th grade when I had more friends that actually understood me. This year in eighth grade though I talk a lot more than I should. There have been sometimes where some of my teachers have had to tell me to be quiet because I was talking to much.

Related imageImage result for little hipster girl

My refusal of the call was when I started thinking about doing this I was scared that people were going to judge me so I decided to put it off for just a little bit longer. I don’t really have a problem when it comes to talking to boys but I struggle a little bit more with girls. I finally decided to achieve my goal.

My mentors on this journey were probably my friends Alyvia, Jordan, and Joslynn. The reason Alyvia was one of my mentors is because she was always like “Dude, I cannot hear you.” I thought that must be pretty annoying for her when all I did was mumble, so I started talking louder. Jordan really helped me because in the beginning he thought I was more than weird. I kept bugging him though (not like annoying, just teasing). Because I did this he is now one of my pretty good friends. Joslynn was my favorite because she’s my best friend so it was fun to test somethings out on her whenever I could. It was funny because I embarrassed her so bad. However she always says that I’m just embarrassing myself that might be true but life is to short to worry about the little things like embarrassing yourself. I have learned that when I embarrass myself I have a more positive outcome then when I don’t.

Personal Quest

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I’ve decided to make my first prompt about how I felt like I needed to make a change in my life. Okay so I know that lying is bad but sometimes I really want to just tell a little white lie to my friends who I don’t really want to hang out with that day but I absolutely cannot tell a lie so I end up really hurting their feelings. This usually happens with my friend Kayla who is in tenth grade she always makes my friend Joslynn and I hang out with her, because somehow they found out that we were already hanging out together and “we can’t leave her sister out” so we try to make up some excuse but we couldn’t think of any this Saturday so we had to hang out with her and it sucked.

Image result for that face you make when your trying to come up with a lie meme

For my second prompt I thought I would tell you about someone who I respect. Someone who I really respect is my mom she always tries to help me in anyway she can even though it can get annoying sometimes I know that she’s just trying to help me to succeed. I also respect her because I’m very under skilled in my cooking and so she usually cooks dinner for all of us. I can talk to my mom about pretty much anything but sometimes I don’t want to because she feels like she understands but she doesn’t. She sometimes gets mad at me when I don’t say thank you right after she does something for me but I always say thank you even if it isn’t right after.

Term 3 Blog Post

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Over Christmas break did a lot of things. I went to a Christmas party, and then I went tubing the next day, I hung out with basically all of my friends except Monday, and then Tuesday I went to the mall with my best friend. Oh, and I also watched a lot of NETFLIX! This Christmas was probably the best for me because I finally got a phone and I’ve been asking since I was in like first grade. I also got earbuds from both of my cousins and got a pop socket but I had to get a new one. I also got some new shirts, a new jacket, some cute leggings, and a Logan Paul Maverick sweatshirt.

I’ve chosen to read Frozen Charlotte for our term three book report.This is a picture, .It has 368 pages.  The author is Alex Bell here is an overview of her, Alex Bell always wanted to be a writer, but embarked upon a Law Degree as a back-up plan, writing no fewer than six novels during her time at university. The published author of Frozen Charlotte and The Haunting in the Red Eye series, Alex happily dwells in an entirely make-believe world of blood, madness, murder and mayhem. Born1986, Hampshire, United Kingdom You can read more of what Frozen Charlotte is about using this site,

My goal for the New Year is to make new friends and finish all the shows I started on NETFLIX before I start another new one. That’s just my goal but just for Mrs. Phippen I’ll try to read more.

Reader Response To Poem

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When I read “The Anthem Of Awesome” By Sekou Andrews, I thought it was really cool because he is saying that no matter how old and wrinkly he gets he’s still sees himself as an awesome person.  Another thing I liked about this poem is that when it says  “And I am / not perfect But I’m perfect as I am” I thought that was really cool because it kind of reminded me of Lil Wayne who said, “You can love me or hate I swear it won’t make me or break me”. Because the truth is nobodies perfect but Sekou Andrews is saying that it’s okay not to be perfect as long you think you are perfect enough for yourself. The poem also states “I’m not beautiful / like I used to be I’m beautiful / like I am” I think that this poem informational because yes not all of us are beautiful some people might be beautiful but everybody is different but when we grow older we kind of lose our beauty because of all of those wrinkles and people in the world are so mean that we just judge people by their looks without even getting to know them. So what I think this poem is saying is that as long as you can look at yourself in the mirror and think that you’re beautiful enough then you truly are beautiful because it doesn’t matter what anybody else says, it only matters what you think.

Image result for pretty young womanImage result for pretty old woman 

These are two different pictures of two different women but I chose this picture because you’ll notice that the poem says,

And I am / not perfect

But I’m perfect as I am

I’m not beautiful / like I used to be

I’m beautiful / like I am

Like survival where a death once was

Like the better where a best once was

Every gray hair a trophy

Every wrinkled fold a story

Every pound of fat a challenge

Reminding me / there is always something to pursue

And always something to celebrate!

The two quotes that I highlighted especially the beautiful one are a big part of life but the reason why I chose these two pictures is because he’s probably old if he’s saying “Every gray hair a trophy.” so I did the pictures to tell everybody that we will all get old and wrinkly but that doesn’t mean we can’t stop bring awesome!


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Some of the important items in my book are, a candle, and Marshall’s lighter. The reason why the candle is important is because at the beginning of the book Waverly was looking on the internet for ways to help you sleep because she has insomnia. When she was looking for ideas she saw one that said light a candle, find your magic number (Waverly’s is eleven since her mom’s meditation books all say that eleven is the magic number), close your eyes and count down from your number. The first time Waverly lit the candle she ended up in Marshall’s room. The only way she can see Marshall is by lighting the candle and counting down, so every night she went to see him she actually got sleep. The reason why Marshall’s lighter is important is because the second night that him and Waverly were together he handed her his lighter but the candle only burns to a certain point so when candle stops burning she disappears and that’s exactly what happens, she disappears before he can give her his lighter. Since he couldn’t give her lighter that night he gave it to her the next day at school. As she keeps visiting him they get to know each other and they become really good friends and they fall in love. The lighter is special to Waverly because Marshall gave it to her.

Based on my cover the most important thing in my book is probably, how Waverly and Marshall see their true selves and can be their true selves when they’re together. I think the big message that the cover is implying is that it’s okay to be yourself people will either love you or hate you for it. They were definitely marketing the book out to girls. The reason why I can tell is because the cover is has a lot of pink and peachy colors on it and usually if it has those colors on it, it’s for a girl. The cover does have big bold letters but because of the colors I can see that it’s marketed to girls. I wouldn’t change my cover because it goes really well with the story.

The theme of my book is seemingly, high school drama. The reason why it’s high school drama is because, well first off it’s in a high school with a bunch of mean girls, a few cool kids, and a couple stoners. Another reason why is because Maribeth and Waverly are fake friends and Maribeth is one of the mean girls so when she’s pretending to be friend with Waverly she’s nice but at the end she starts kind of bullying Waverly because she’s jealous that Waverly decided to be friends with Autumn instead of her. I think the most important lesson that Waverly learned is make friends that you can trust and learn how to be yourself around those people.


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I doesn’t say where the location is in my book but I know that it’s October. It doesn’t say what year it is but I would think it would be 2016 because that’s when it got published and it kind of seems that way because they all have expensive phones.

Parent/Teacher Conference

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Dear Mom and Dad,

During the twenty minutes of reading time I have read Places No One Knows. Out of those twenty minutes I read about 99% of the time. I read about ten to thirteen pages a day. I probably need to read a little bit more at home if I want to complete my book report on time. Which is due in 24 days. This is a link to my recent blog post

During class I’m not really helpful or distracting to those around me. I don’t ever talk so I can’t be distracting. I am too shy to ask for help, but I am not distracted by those around me. I am on task I am kind of willing to take risks to learn.

My scores in this class are awesome. We have blue, green, yellow, and red scores. I have all blue which is the very best you can get. Blue means, exceeds mastery. This is a picture of the book that I’m reading, Image result

This is a link to my Declaring My Book blog post,

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