Parent/Teacher Conference

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Dear Mom and Dad,

During the twenty minutes of reading time I have read Places No One Knows. Out of those twenty minutes I read about 99% of the time. I read about ten to thirteen pages a day. I probably need to read a little bit more at home if I want to complete my book report on time. Which is due in 24 days. This is a link to my recent blog post

During class I’m not really helpful or distracting to those around me. I don’t ever talk so I can’t be distracting. I am too shy to ask for help, but I am not distracted by those around me. I am on task I am kind of willing to take risks to learn.

My scores in this class are awesome. We have blue, green, yellow, and red scores. I have all blue which is the very best you can get. Blue means, exceeds mastery. This is a picture of the book that I’m reading, Image result

This is a link to my Declaring My Book blog post,

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