My Reading: A Self Avaluation

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My reading index score is 1109 that means I’m at a 10th grade reading level. I feel pretty good about it it’s definitely gone up from the beginning of this year I’m am proud of myself but in seventh grade I was at a 11th grade reading level. I think that my score shows that I should probably read longer books instead of 200-400 maybe I could read just a little bit longer.

I think I did pretty good on my book report for third term, it wasn’t the best but I tried my best. It was kind of stressful when I was presenting it because I was really nervous and I didn’t really have a lot of the stuff I needed at my house and my mom wouldn’t take me shopping. I got 100% though so I’m not complaining. Although I had this weird cardboard doll and that was kind of awkward to show everybody, but she was wearing cute pajamas!

My book report for this term will definitely be more prepared to present and I will have the items. I actually don’t have a book yet but it will probably be either romance, mystery, horror themed. I didn’t make the choice based on other people’s books. It’s not that they were bad or anything they just weren’t my type.

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