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Ciara Wilson Ciara Wilson as Aislynn

“While she didn’t have her mother’s Northern complexion, they shared the same long fingers and eggcup chin, a chin that seemed far to small for Aislynn’s face.” “Her way hair and large brown eyes were an inheritance from her Western father, along with the skin the color of toasted bread.” “But while his was lovely and smooth, her cheeks turned a splotchy red when she blushed.” I chose Ciara Wilson to be Aislynn because she was looked the closest to what the book described. Ciara is also the same age as Aislynn so the movie wouldn’t have a thirteen year old playing a seventeen year old.

 Jamie Flatters as Thackery

“His hair was dark and rumpled.” “Like the others in the inn he was dressed in a variety of colors, and he was using his green vest to clean off the apple he held.” “The stranger took a bite of the apple. His shirtsleeves were rolled up to his elbows.” I chose Jamie Flatters to play as Thackery because I think he was closest to how the book described Thackery. You know how a book puts an image into your head of how you think the characters would look like well in my mind he looks a little bit different than this. But this was the closest to what the image in my mind looked like.

Daniella Perkins Daniella Perkins as Brigid

“After a few moments, it swung open to reveal a girl, a little older than Aislynn, dressed in a servants’ uniform: her ankle-length skirt under a matching apron, her blouse buttoned to her chin.” “Her head uncovered, tight darks curls pulled back from her tired face.” I chose Daniella Perkins to play as Brigid because I think she best matches her description with her dark curly hair. Although she definitely doesn’t have a tired expression on her face.

Clare Foley Clare Foley as Linnea  

“and, the girl herself was luminous as she sat up in bed, her copper hair bundled up in ribbons.” “Her blue eyes were bright and her skin fresh like milk.” “The young princess barely reached Aislynn’s shoulder, her diminutive height only adding to her doll-like appearance.” It was very hard to choose somebody to play as Linnea because she didn’t appear in my book for quite a while but when I finally quotes I was searching like a madwoman I chose to different actresses before Clare Foley and I decided she was the one. She has bright blue eyes and pale skin she also doesn’t look like she’s sixteen she looks thirteen and in the book it describes how she’s looks younger than she actually is.

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