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Parent/Teacher Conference

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Dear Mom and Dad,

During the twenty minutes of reading time I have read Places No One Knows. Out of those twenty minutes I read about 99% of the time. I read about ten to thirteen pages a day. I probably need to read a little bit more at home if I want to complete my book report on time. Which is due in 24 days. This is a link to my recent blog post

During class I’m not really helpful or distracting to those around me. I don’t ever talk so I can’t be distracting. I am too shy to ask for help, but I am not distracted by those around me. I am on task I am kind of willing to take risks to learn.

My scores in this class are awesome. We have blue, green, yellow, and red scores. I have all blue which is the very best you can get. Blue means, exceeds mastery. This is a picture of the book that I’m reading, Image result

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The setting of my book is in my main character Waverly’s school in her Spanish class. There are other setting to like Waverly’s house, Marshall’s house, Maribeth’s house, and the school. Some others are the school, the office, Waverly’s room, Marshall’s room, the track outside of the school, Marshall’s brother’s house, and a couple of parties.

The time of the year in my book is fall in October. It’s only one month in from the first semester. It goes until the last day of school. So it basically covers all the seasons except for summer.

The climate is in the city. It has lots of grass and bushes. I’m pretty sure it’s warm but I’m not for sure. It’s a quiet in Waverly’s neighborhood, but it’s super loud in Marshall’s neighborhood and his brother’s neighborhood too. They all have pretty nice houses on the outside. Some have nice houses on the inside.

The mood/atmosphere of my book is kinda depressing and stressful at first but as you get into it it gets more happy and romantic. It’s stressful the whole way through though because high school is just stressful in real life. It’s depressing because this girl named Autumn gets bullied because she’s different. All in all the book has a pretty good setting.

Declaring My Book

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My book is, Places No One Knows it’s about this girl named Waverly and this boy named Marshall. This book is a romance book that’s why I chose it. I was attracted to the cover it’s like an ombre and I like ombre. I was also attracted to the front cover because it has block letters like 3D and I think that’s cool. I found this book at the school library.

My author’s name is, Brenna Yovanoff, here is a picture of her, she lives in Denver, Colorado with her huband. She was born in 1980 in Santa Cruz, California. I think she’s about 37 years old. The books that she usually writes are romance. By the back of the book. She’s good at soccer, violent video games, and making very flaky pie pastry. She is bad at dancing, making decisions, and inspiring confidence. She was also home schooled until she was fifteen. This is a picture of the book, Here is a link to her website,

My book was copyrighted in 2016 and I have the first edition of the book. The reason why it matters when the book was written is because they have different technology and different vibes and they might have more advanced stuff so the book lasts longer.

People who looked at my book also bought, My Lady Jane, All the Crooked Saints, Paper Valentine, Highly Illogical Behavior, and The Serpent King. Some books that are similar to my book are, The Replacement, The Space Between, Fiendish, and Paper Valentine. The genre of my book is romance. I liked this book because it’s a romance.

The intended audience is teen and young adult. The reason I know this book is an eighth grade reading level is because it has more than 3oo pages and it doesn’t have big font and has smaller font. The publisher doesn’t say what reading level this book is but the author does and she says that it’s for teens and young adults. Here is the link,


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