A Whole New Year

I want to accomplish being a better writer and reader, so then its not as hard for me throughout the year. I will work to become a better writer by writing everyday in school, I will also work on typing faster and reading faster so then I can get through stuff fast. I don’t know what ill work to become, there’s so much options. My plans to improve is basically just to do what i’m doing now, so then I can improve throughout the year, so its not as hard to do.

The Story I Enjoyed The Most Or Disliked The Least

I really liked “Harrison Bergeron.” it was a really good story to read. I really enjoyed how it expressed how people don’t need to be equal for them to feel good about themselves. Even if everyone feels like they need to be equal to have enjoyment, they don’t. And I feel like the message here is that, You can be whoever you want to be, and that’s a message I really liked. I also liked how he wrote the story and the details he used in it to really make the the story stand out. Anyway overall I thought this was a good story and a good message connected to it.

The Good Stuff

I am Grateful for CarsonJacob16, Jonathan Gatica, Christian Larsen, David Miller, Cruz and Ashan for being in Mr Greens B4 English class. I am also grateful for Full house on Hulu cause I would be bored without it. There are a lot of things to be grateful for and sometimes we take that for granted like for instance, Food, clothes, internet, Television, education, CarsonJacob16, Computers, Electronics, and a whole bunch of other things that I cant list them all down. Anyway i’m just grateful to be in Mr Greens B4 English class with CarsonJacob16, Jonathan Gatica, Christian Larsen, David Miller, Cruz and Ashan.

Everybody was finally equal

It applies to our society cause I feel like everybody’s trying to be equal with someone else so then they don’t feel left out, And I feel like we do punish people for being exceptional just so that we feel better about ourselves. And occasionally people do let others down just so that, that person can go through what the other persons going through, Some of the ways for instance is like math if someones way smarter then someone else they probably get called names so for that person to avoid getting called names they fit in with every other student in there to avoid that.

Whats On My Mind

Goodburger script:

Welcome to GoodBurger home of the goodburger can I take your order? Huh

Just a good burger please and I’d like that to go.

One Goodburger!



i see you.

i see you.

Dont sell me, Ed, please.

I wanna stay here with you.

We love you Ed.


Come with us Ed.

Fly, Ed, Fly

Ah… ah…

Im flying with fastfood.

wow! wow

whoo! whee!

Whoa, flying with hamburgers

Ah! welcome to goodburger home of the gooburger can I take your…?

woah A clock.

I <3 Goodburger




What’s This Got to Do With Me?

In this story I feel like everyone can relate to how they felt right after they did something they shouldn’t have, Like in the story how he shot his brother by accident and instantly regretted it when he figured it out. Like for example I didn’t really pay much attention to what was going on in school but now since the stuff were learning is getting harder I kinda regret not paying as much attention as i should’ve. Its good that we learned how easy it is to regret things so we can try to make better decisions in the future.

Suspense And Word Choice

A long time ago there was this group of kids, they were pretty normal kids but one time they all ran into something terrifying, each kid saw something that they were afraid of, but in the end one of the things they all saw turned out to be a creepy clown. So one day after all the kids got the scare of their life, they all decided to gain enough courage to go to the creatures home. And when they went inside each kid got split up and had to face there fears alone but then all of them somehow manage to get in the same spot and hurt the clown and pretty soon, Kill it.

Free! Body and soul Free!

Some things that a person can feel trapped by are depression, bad thoughts, bad family, and a bad home maybe. If you feel trapped and you just wanna be free and have a successful life then just tell someone or maybe go somewhere and clear your mind for a bit, when it comes to these types of decisions all you really need to do is follow your heart. I think being free means like theirs no more worries and you don’t have to worry anymore, your basically just free. Finally if your having problems either at home or just in general its better to tell someone so you don’t have to lock your feelings away.

1st Term Business

I feel pretty good about my work in class I’ve been getting everything done that I know of and my grade doesn’t look that bad i’m pretty sure I’ve been putting all my effort in each piece of work we’ve got in this classroom. My greatest successes so far are my blog posts cause that basically the only thing were doing in class. However, I still need to work on my reading skills cause i’m not that fast at it. I don’t think i’ve experienced any growth since august i feel the same. I do want to achieve more reading skills in 2nd term and I want to be able to type faster. And I can accomplish it by getting better and better everyday.

What I’ve Been Reading

In total this year I’ve read 4 hours in this class and I’ve invested my time by actually reading. The books I’ve been reading is big Nate and Jedi academy, there pretty alright i couldn’t find anything better. I finished big Nate though so now i’m reading Jedi academy. I liked how in big Nate how they were in school, and I barely started reading Jedi academy so i can’t really give it an opinion. But anyway, I feel like the time I’ve been given to read is good cause it’ll make me a better reader and a better learner for the future.