Im a big year old now.

The school year went by really slow. When I look back it seems like school started yesterday. I felt like I matured a little and got pretty good grades. The teachers in 9th grade are soooo much better.


This is lowkey a touchy subject. All people have different point of veiws on the subject. When you dont talk about things and you keep it in, it only gets worse. The key to meditation isnt to clear your mind, its to let your thoughts flow. Thats helps clear your mind. When you keeps secrets you expext people to know whats going on and for them to treat excactly how you want them to. In reality it doesnt work like that. People on the outside have no idea and it hurts both partys. If you have had a traumatizing experiance in the past then dont hold it in an let it get worse. Find someone you trust or someone that trusts you and just retell the story, dont hold nothing back and just let it flow. It will help you mentally and make you a happier person.

Love Moderately.

We supposed to write what we think, so i think this is a bad idea. This is a story where he is destined to die. In real life if you truly love someone you gotta send it. In life its either yeet or be yeeted. Or in shakespears case, to yeet or not to yeet. Say you’re Romeo and you’re destined to live out your life, would you be like, meh, or would you squeze the guts out of Juliet with compasion? If this is your roblox girlfriend, would you send her just robux, or show your extreme love and buy her a year of builders club? OwO


We dislike/hate other people because we mirrior other people so when one person dislikes you, you begin to dislike them. With the Romeo and Juliet familys its just wont stop, one hates the other so the other hates the other. Another reason they might hate them is that they do stuff that we see is wrong. Its our belief window that decides if i hate her or if you hate him. They might also hate each other because they assume what the other is going to do. A man I really dislike is Donald Trump, a lot of people might like him and thats ok. Personally I dont think a rich guy who is bored should run for president with out having any other actual political experiance. If he would have held a political position before it wouldnt be so bad. He is just a rich guy thats able to get what he wants. This is a good reason to dislike someone, he is a just a regular guy with money. If he didnt have money america would have a good president.

The Sub

The sub was really ugly and mean. Like the evil person from snow white cartoon movie. She was really nasty towards the customs of thy classroom and wished upon us now phones on desks. She had an hatred for the slightest of talks. The class was respect by themselves and only thyselfs. When ever we would colaborate on an theory she would erupt in rage and clash with the class. We got our article research done the the upmost best of thy ablities and she wasnt intrigued by it in the slightest. I know im speaking for the class when I say that sub is never coming to our educational space from 11:35 to 12:55 ever again.

Shake and bakespear

Im pretty sure shakepier liked to be a rad dude. He probably skateboarded and watch lots of movie. I have no clue how to say or spell his name too. He wrote like plays or books or whatever. I lived a long time ago and died a long time ago. His wife had an ugly name and he was kinda fat i think. Shakepear probably ate lots of mcdonalds. He always asked for food from his mom. They had no food at home so they they always ate fast food. He also ate diabetus from all the grease and fat he ate from mcdonalds.

What was good about dat.

I think self assesment is good. If you can find your mistake it can make you a better writer. If teachers actually graded our papers based on our own self assesments then that means you get easy A’s.  Self assesment can also help with self confidence. If you think you did good, then thats a good thing. It can also help teachers grade with a little extra opinion. We gotta spice it up. I think that self assesment is just a way for a student or yourslef to go over an essay and critisize it and then the teacher gets some extra feedback

How i feel about To Kill a Mockingbird

I think the problems in this book are super outdated. It was a book to read in the sixties. Now adays we have problems that werent a thousand years ago. We should not read this book in class anymore. If a teacher chooses to okay then, but mordern problems require a modern solution. We should read book that arent ages old. My mom bought me To Kill a Mockingbird because she read it twenty years ago in 9th grade. We need mordern books for mordern children. If we can preach solutions to now a day problems and not racism then our generation could do big thicc boi things  to help our world and our children and then thier children

Good stuff from To Kill A Mocking Bird

“There are some men in this world who are born to do our unpleasant jobs for us. Your father’s one of them” (245).

This is saying that some people are born to do things that other dont. When you’re born and your papa has a family company. You’re born into it. Take Megamind for example. He was pretty much born in prison, and he became a bad boy. He defeated Metro Man and took over Metro City. Then he was so overwhelmedaly awesome he made Titan. Then he beat up Titan an got the girl. Roxanne Ritchy. So moral of life? Be like Megamind.

An authority on courage and integrity

Im Batman! I chose Batman because he is a orpan, and orphans are brave. The only reason Batman shoes integrity is because he is trying to figure out who killed is parents.  As a man from another universe would say, “I am Groot”.  You just gotta be brave and do the right thing even when someone or multilple people are telling you no. Take Phil Swift for example. What he gotta do is destroy boats and fix them with Flex Seal®. What does he do other than that. “Im Phil Swift and im gonna saw this boat in half” The end!!!