How i feel about To Kill a Mockingbird

I think the problems in this book are super outdated. It was a book to read in the sixties. Now adays we have problems that werent a thousand years ago. We should not read this book in class anymore. If a teacher chooses to okay then, but mordern problems require a modern solution. We should read book that arent ages old. My mom bought me To Kill a Mockingbird because she read it twenty years ago in 9th grade. We need mordern books for mordern children. If we can preach solutions to now a day problems and not racism then our generation could do big thicc boi things  to help our world and our children and then thier children

Good stuff from To Kill A Mocking Bird

“There are some men in this world who are born to do our unpleasant jobs for us. Your father’s one of them” (245).

This is saying that some people are born to do things that other dont. When you’re born and your papa has a family company. You’re born into it. Take Megamind for example. He was pretty much born in prison, and he became a bad boy. He defeated Metro Man and took over Metro City. Then he was so overwhelmedaly awesome he made Titan. Then he beat up Titan an got the girl. Roxanne Ritchy. So moral of life? Be like Megamind.

An authority on courage and integrity

Im Batman! I chose Batman because he is a orpan, and orphans are brave. The only reason Batman shoes integrity is because he is trying to figure out who killed is parents.  As a man from another universe would say, “I am Groot”.  You just gotta be brave and do the right thing even when someone or multilple people are telling you no. Take Phil Swift for example. What he gotta do is destroy boats and fix them with Flex Seal®. What does he do other than that. “Im Phil Swift and im gonna saw this boat in half” The end!!!

Blind Spots

What Atticus is saying that just because of one poor dicision your not a bad person. Unless you go around kicking puppies. Then youre a bad person. Blind spots can accur because of how people learn through their childhood. If youre taught to kick puppies, or to yeet cats. You need some counciling and some Jesus. Some people are raised to love dogs but to smash bees. Welp, there goes the flowers and fruit. If your raised to be perfect then you are God.  Continue reading Blind Spots

Climbing into another persons skin.

Now this is down right weird. This isnt Men in Black, do we look like Edgar the Bug? We cant go around around stealing peoples skin, and then drinking all of the sugar water. We cant try to destroy Earth either. If we go around doing that we can send the world into chaos. What we should do is never leave our houses, Never interact (except for reproductive services), never read books.  If we all do that we can never be sad. Bulling would be elimanated, No more car crashes (nobody is driving), and we can always be smart because reading is dumb.

Beliefs and Actions

My beliefs are my beliefs and I believe that I shouldnt share my beleifs. I believe that santa is interacial and nongender specified. Jk, Santa is a white guy. I believe that funny/comedy movies are the best. “Im the Dude, Dude!” – Labowski. I find that quite very powerful because you have to believe your relaxed and chill. The guy who said that is getting dunked in his own toilet and someone urinated on his rug. Yet he is still super chill. He also believes that bowling relieves stress. I believe that everyone should be exactly like The Dude. Because he chill

The End is halfway upon us!

I feel like I have done pretty good this year. I have mae lots of blog posts like this one her. I hope to get better grades “next year”. I have read only 2 1/2 books this year though. I wish my behavior in classes was a bit better though. I am excited for christmas break because im going to Wyoming. I also wrote 100 words on every blog post and on the extended narritive I went over 1,000 words. I am happy for getting that done too. I am excited for the new year but sad to leave the old one behind.Image result for 1 000 dollar bill

Lit review

This guys story was a bit whacky on the spelling and the location. Who goes to Moab in the summer? But pretty much all he does is go mountain biking. Break his arms, and then goes to two hospitals. If nobody can understand that then they can eat some turkey and some red radishes. All I ate on Thanksgiving was turkey, and on that guys trip to Moab he had a big bag of beef jerky. Not just any jerky either. Jack Links Jerky. He also had chocolate chip cliff bars. Which are amazing. At home I have Chocolate Chip Brownie Cliff Bars. Also, his story was okay-ish.  To lazy to find all the time I said cliff but its Clif.Image result for clif bar

1% Gain.

I have to type quick before I get hacked because this site is unsafe. If i dont type quick then I will be sold on the black market. The 1% gain is the gain to get thae gain its so small. Its like tiny goals to get a bigger goals. In the annotation article. The british wanted to win the Tour de France. Thats a bid goal, but they used a bunch of small goals or 1% gains to reach the big goal. They set the goal for a set amount of time and acheaved it earlier than they thought they would acheave that goal.

What Really Grinds My Gears.

Wanna know what really grinds my gears? Stephen Stoddard. Day after day he yells that things are racist. But he is also racist himself. So actually hypocrits grind my gears. Mr. Green is one, he tells us to be in our seat and be reading when the bell ring. Today he came late with out a tardy slip and he wasnt reading when the bell rang. Then police officers are hypocrits. They are always saying “dont shoot people”, but they shoot people. Sharks are hypocrits too. They are like “dont swim in the ocean”, but the are literally swimming in the ocean 24/7.Edestus