Writing Realizations

The fact that my group liked my story and wanted more made me feel really good about my writing abilities. I had always thought, and I am sure everyone does, that I was an average or even a ‘bad’ writer and that maybe it just wasn’t my thing. I knew that I was good at putting in figurative language as second nature but I never knew that when I describe, they can see it like a movie in their mind, and i’m really surprised! Every time I would read my stories I would always think, ” Why is this so bland?” but, I guess i’m not too bad. I could though, focus on making my suspenseful stories more suspenseful, or my happy stories more happy, etc. but after all, I’m surprised with the feedback I got. I don’t really want to write anymore stories in a specific- and very short- amount of time to turn in, that was very stressful considering the fact that I hardly have time after school to work on it. Unless I want to stay up until midnight -but I value sleep more than dark, baggy eyes and dragging myself around the next day:)

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  1. I know I already told you this, but I was blown away by your writing style. 9th graders tend to over-explain everything, and you did a great job of revealing just the right amount of information. Way to go!

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