The End is halfway upon us….

This semester I've been bombarded with mounds of homework and finishing assignments at home. I knew with the classes I was taking I was going to get more homework than last year but man I didn't think it was going like this. I've adapted to it, and know how to use my time more wisely at school and at home. I'll screw around when I know i can get it done later, or I'll work hard with the time I have when I know that's about the only time I have to work on it. Procrastination isn't a good thing but lets be honest- it's pretty fun. I haven't been doing well on my reading...yes I do read but only in class because I am super busy at home. I haven't even made it on the wall...
I'm not necessarily disappointed in my work, but there are a few assignments I wish I did better on.  Not just in this class, but in other classes too, like AP geography. Let's not start about that class, the only thing I can say is that it is super unpredictable;) 

5 thoughts on “The End is halfway upon us….”

    1. I know! Plus all teachers think that their class is the only class that requires homework, so then they’re like, “its not hard to find time.” so then you have 8 teachers, trying to give you soooo much homework, all at once.

  1. Like you, one of the reasons this semester has been hard for me is because I didn’t realize how much more homework I would be having. I also procrastinate, but hopefully this next semester I can do a better job at not doing it.

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