Authority on courage and integrity

Well, when you are in doubt of what to do, just think about the difference between the easy wrong and the hard right. The right, no matter what it is, whether or not it’s hard, will always have a good outcome. If its the easy way out, it may not be the best way out. To have courage, you must have to not be afraid of judgment and ridicule for doing the right thing. No matter what we do we will always have someone judging us because people just can’t control themselves, and we will have have to live with that. But we can’t just have courage, we must have integrity too. Because when we all have integrity we all feel comfortable since no one is judging us, ridiculing, lying, or hurting anybody. When faced with a difficult choice it’s always good to think about how it will affect the future with the knowledge you know, and to pick the harder way out that contains some courage and integrity, because if we don’t it will come back and bite us in the butt. Sometimes, or more like all the time, we can’t choose to just walk our way through life without a care, we have to work for what we want. 

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