How I will dominate during term 4

Looking back on how I did this year i wish i would have tried a little harder and took more time on things as well as get more help. But, i did learn a few things, and that if i want a good grade along with taking hard classes, i really have to take time on it and not expect it to be easier. Which I know is obvious, but I didn’t think my classes were going to be how they are. I was expecting to understand them a little more but some things just fly over my head. So saying that, things I want to improve at is trying harder and getting help. I do spend a lot of time now, but I wish I would try harder with that time. I want to try to understand it more, and come up with ways to understand.  But we are not all perfect and we all make mistakes, we won’t know everything and we can’t expect ourselves to be perfect and amazing at everything. Hard and smart work will always give you the results you want and never caused any harm-just don’t be too hard on yourself!

2 thoughts on “How I will dominate during term 4”

  1. I loved that you said that one of your goals is to get help. I do this all the time where I don’t understand a concept, but I don’t ask questions. Love this goal!

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