Self assessment

If we don’t self asses our papers or work we will not know how we are really doing. Without it we are just writing and not knowing if it’s actually any good. When we self asses though, we can’t be too hard on ourselves, we sometimes aren’t as bad as we may think we are at something. But you need to still give yourself an honest grade. Self assessing can help us become better writers, editors, and workers. We know how we work and how good the work can be, so when we fee we are lacking we can read over and identify where we are lacking. Its a useful tool to do good work and i feel that it is really important not only for right now, but in the future. If we learn to self asses right now we will be really good at it in the future when how good our work really matters.

12 thoughts on “Self assessment”

  1. I agree that self assessment helps writers learn how to better themselves and understand that their work really matters.

  2. I like how you went deeper into a personal sense. And how you said that we don’t have to be hard on ourselves is really cool.

  3. I think that self assessing your work is a way to think about what you are saying and if it makes sense and I agree that even though we might not use it in our life right now we will need to be critical of ourselves in the future.

  4. I agree that we need to be honest about our self assessment because if we aren’t, we won’t improve at all in the spots we are weakest

  5. I like what you said about knowing your own self and knowing where you make mistakes which better helps you identify those mistakes you may have made in that field in the event of a self-assessment. That makes a lot of sense.

  6. I liked how you said that “without it we are just writing and not knowing if it’s actually any good.” I agree with that.

  7. I agree that we need to give ourselves a honest grade, and I also need to be better at not being to hard on myself.

  8. I like how you said we can’t be too hard on ourselves but we still have to be honest, because your work won’t improve or become better.

  9. You made me realize that self assessing also makes you a more honest truthful person, and I agree that self assessing makes you a better author. It’s what writers do all the time.

  10. I also agree that when it comes to self assessment people tend to be hard on themselves but still need to give a honest grade. Good job!

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