I am not quite sure why someone may hate someone so much without a reason, there always will be a reason to hate them. Whether it’s just a feeling you get around them, or they did something to you or someone you know there is always a reason why. People are capable of many things, evil and good-it just matters how you deal with those feelings. I’ve had many people do many rude things to me, and have said and done things that have really hurt me then try to act like they did nothing wrong. It’s frustrating and I do get very angry but I have found that harvesting such a dislike for someone doesn’t make me feel good and it doesn’t solve the situation. It only makes it harder, so even though they may have done something really rude to me and I may never like them as much or see them the same, I will try my hardest not to be rude back. It only makes me look like a jerk too. To put those feelings away and trying to move on is extremely hard when they did really mean/hurtful things over and over, not caring about you or your feelings and what they are doing. It’s really difficult, but it is possible and things will get better, but like I said it just matters on how you look at it and how you decide to act and move on to be a nicer, better person out of it.

3 thoughts on “Hatred”

  1. I definitely had trouble coming up with things as well, because most people have a reason. And that is where it doesn’t make sense for irrational dislike. Good Job!!

  2. I’m the same way, Emma. When people are rude sometimes I have a hard time not saying something on the meaner side back, but I know that won’t solve anything.

  3. I agree! It’s hard to not be upset. I love that you said just to put those feelings away. We should all do that!

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