love moderatly

I think that moderation is an extremely important thing for almost everything- especially with relationships. If you dive in way to fast, if it’s extreme and consuming, it’s not good and likely won’t end well. If you only let that one thingĀ  be the thing that controls how you act, think, feel, anything, it’s not in moderation and it’s not healthy. You shouldn’t have to go to the extremes in a relationship, if it’s good it will be in moderation and will just happen over time not over night. So, I don’t think that Juliet’s and Romeos status is moderate, but instead most definitely on the extreme side. Especially when they kill themselves in the end, they shouldn’t have to rely on each other to live, they can move on even, if it will still be in their mind it shouldn’t control them day in and day out. Many people lose their loved ones but they almost always make it through, yes they are sad about it, its a scar that will never go away and a dull pain but they can make it through. I think Fair Lawrence is warning them because he sees right through it and notices that it’s not in moderation and could get out of hand, his advice is really important and really helpful, Romeo and Juliet should really listen to him.

3 thoughts on “love moderatly”

  1. When I started reading your post when you said, “if you dive in way too fast, if its extreme and consuming, it’s not good” I had the thought like falling in love, walking into love, or diving into love. Personally I think you should fall in love but Romeo and Juliet are going to the extreme and are diving into love-without even knowing what they’re jumping into.

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