Secret secretss are no fun; secret secrets hurt someone

Keeping secrets can not only hurt you to any extent, but the others around you too. I have kept secrets and it definitely have gotten myself hurt from them. I was fearful of what people may say or think, and I thought I could handle it myself. That was extremely false, it only ended up probably the worst way possible. Not because I was the one who made it go south, but because I didn’t speak up and get help right away. I can see why they didn’t want to say anything out of fear, but we should ever limit ourselves or act out of fear. It almost never leaves to anything good if ever. We may not want to talk to others about our problems because people can be pretty insensitive, and we may fear of what they say, but we shouldn’t care about what other people think. Yet, that shouldn’t give us an excuse not to listen or follow what the person says when you get help. It’s never shameful to get help we shouldn’t be afraid to, everyone can’t do everything on their own and there will be a point in time where we can’t do everything ourselves and will need to get some support. Never feel ashamed to ask, it can change many things and help in so many ways.

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