I’m a big kid now

I’ve grown a lot this year, I have become way more mature not only from my hard classes that takes a lot of time management, but also with more personal things. I have become a more dedicated student with more responsibility and motivation. I have accomplished plenty of things and am really proud of myself, and the fact that I at least tried:) My friendships are much stronger, my time management, motivation, dedication, and productivity have definitely improved and I hope to continue to work on the motivation and productivity because I can still procrastinate like crazy. I know that 9th grade was a bit of a challenge home work wise considering how much I got, and that High School is going to be a little harder if not a lot and that those skills are going to be very important not only for school but for the future in general. I love all my friends, had a really good time and took things more lightly and wasn’t so uptight all the time-which made the experience so much better.

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