All about me

Hi! I’m Emma, I am from Santa Clara Utah, bet you don’t know where that is! It was basically just red sand and tumble weeds where I lived, a small neighborhood with my grandma living literally down the street and a community pool. I lived there for about 4 years, then had to leave good people and moved to Spanish Fork for a year, then to PG where I am currently living and don’t plan on ever moving for a while. I like hanging out with friends, being outside and doing fun things like camping, hiking, kyaking, and going into the mountains on my razor. My favorite sport to play is volleyball, and to watch is football with my family! GO BYU! I know…lets just hope they pull through decently somehow this year. My favorite books are Divergent, The Maze Runner, Hunger Games, and that’s about it. My favorite places are the beach, California, and if Cali, then Disney land, St. George, and counting. ( I have only been out of the state once, which is kinda crazy.) I want to travel more, go on cruises, road trips, go to Canada, and Europe.                And don’t forget, the Bahamas!  Related image