Climbing Into Other People’s Skin


When Atticus and Scout were talking, Atticus said something about having to crawl into another person’s skin to see their point of view. He meant that you have to think about what they might have gone through or what they have been taught to make them see that way. You have to understand their point of view and their feelings and be able to not make them feel bad for the way they feel. It will help you to get along better with people because you won’t be caring about only yourself, you will be caring and understanding about other people’s opinions. I try my hardest to do this if I remember to. It really helps because it can strengthen your relationship with them and it will help you to be more open minded. I really like the whole idea of “crawling into someone’s skin” or “walking in their shoes.” It will help us all to be more sensitive and pay more attention to each other’s feelings.

(Look at “To Kill a Mockingbird” page 33 for some context)



Empathy. Empathy is the ability to know, care, and share the same feelings as someone else. It’s like when someone is feeling sad. You go and sit with them and care for them, and you share feelings with them and you are sad together. You understand and feel with them instead of just saying “I’m sorry.” I don’t know if that’s a very good explanation, but it makes sense to me. One time that I had empathy is when my friend’s really old dog that she has had since she was two died. Now, you have to understand, this dog was her best friend. She loved that dog like there was nothing else in the world to love, so when she died, she felt like she was missing something. She wasn’t doing good at all. So, when she finally came to school, I went next to her and I sat there with her. I sat there sharing her sadness to make the load lighter in a sense. I didn’t want her to have to go through it all on her own. Eventually she felt better and it didn’t take as long as it would have if I hadn’t been there with her.


2nd Semester Goals and Aspirations


First semester, I feel like I did a really good job on my essays and annotations. I feel like my greatest success was learning. When I didn’t do so well on my 2nd essay, I went back in and made it so much better and got an A. I personally feel like I struggled with the poetry because I didn’t really have anyone in my group that could help me and explain to me what I wasn’t understanding. I want to try harder to understand much quicker and easier this semester. My goal for second semester is to be able to write my essays quicker and with precision, saying what I mean to say while keeping it interesting for the reader. I am going to work really hard this semester and I will succeed. This is my goal:

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The Design Thinking Process


I really like the design process. I feel like it really helps me to test and figure out what is correct and it helps me to improve. I think we use this to help us learn and to create better presentations. In the future, this will help me when I am trying to do any school work. It will help me to keep in mind who I’m trying to relate it to and how I can make it with everything that they need/want to know. This process helped me today to help me to relate it back to everyone and make sure that they learned what they needed and wanted to learn.


The Search for the Perfect Book


A book that sounds really interesting to me is Okay for Now by Gary D Schmidt. I have read The Wednesday Wars by him, so when I saw that he wrote this book it instantly drew my attention. It has a really high rating, and everyone that has read it has enjoyed it and said that it is good. I would like to imagine that any reader who was forced to read The Wednesday Wars in 7th or 8th grade and enjoyed it would like to read this book. It looks all around interesting and it sounds like it would be a good book to read.

Promoting Change


I believe that in some cases it is our responsibility to promote change in society. I mean, if something really bad is going on and we can acknowledge it, why not try to fix it? There is no guarantee that anyone else will do it, so it’s our job to make sure that people can do it and to make sure it is known what they need to fix. If it is something that is too extreme for the common citizen, then maybe it’s not your job to help promote changing it, that should be left to the people who can do it. We just need to be able to tell everyone and explain why we need to change things. Whether it be by just simply talking to your friends about it, putting it on the internet, or even writing articles. You just need to do something productive to help change what is not right in our society.

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Thanksgiving Words of the Week


It’s November 23, Thanksgiving day. I, being the brave little girl I am, decided to invite the neighborhood recluse to dinner. Of course, I didn’t expect him to come, but you never know. Our dinner starts at 6:00 pm, but, Mr. Recluse decided to come at 6:10. He walks in with a bad attitude. He takes one looks at our food and declares it to be repugnant in front of all 20 of my relatives. He then sat down and proceeded to pull out some pancakes and syrup from his coat pocket. We sat their utterly disgusted by his attitude and politely had to ask him to leave. After Mr. Recluse left, we continued on with our dinner laughing and enjoying ourselves.

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How I define Equality


Equality, what is it exactly? Well, according to me, equality isn’t just some word that people should be throwing around saying we should have more of. Equality means having equal rights for everyone, making sure everyone has a chance because they can, not because of their gender or because of the color of their skin. If someone has worked hard for something and wants to really try, they shouldn’t be denied a chance because of something they can’t change. The only reason anyone should no do something is if they aren’t prepared for it. If you worked really hard to do something, and then went to go sign up only to be denied because of things you didn’t get to choose, that would upset you, wouldn’t it? So why do it to someone else? If someone is ready for a chance, don’t deny them of it because of something they can’t change.

(Cheesy, I know)



Hi, my name is Brook. I am fourteen years old. Everyday I wake up and go to school, at least, that’s what I would like to say. The actual reality of my life is chaotic at the least. You might be asking, “Why? Aren’t you just a small girl who can’t do anything on her own and has to have someone hold her hand?” I wish. I would love for someone to hold my hand at this point, but that’s not how it works in the zombie apocalypse. When the first signs of the apocalypse happened, we were all sitting in our English class, doing the absolute most boring thing possible: writing essays. It was about half way into class when someone came over the intercoms to tell us to lock up and be ready to protect ourselves. After they had told us what was happening, we could hear zombies banging on the doors and making growling noises. Our class was smart, we ran out and got to Costco, the safest place on earth. We lost a few members of our group to the zombies, but most of us made it to our cement safe house. You might be wondering why we chose to go to Costco. Well, I’m glad you asked. We decided to go to there because it had cement walls, food, supplies, and the zombies couldn’t get in without a membership card. Some of us decided to venture out. We never saw them again. The rest of us got everything that we would need and found a way to carry it all. That brings you up to speed. Now, we are currently running for our lives with all of our packs to the last safe place on Earth. The people who live there call it the “Haven”. In the Haven, there are scientists trying to figure out the cure. We were apprehensive at first when we were headed there, but we were more concerned with the zombies chasing us than the new home we were headed to. We finally got in and saw all of the workers. It was like a giant beehive and everyone was working on something. We stayed there for a week before everything went tumbling down. The zombies had broken in and were destroying everything. We thought, just maybe we would all be okay and the zombies would leave. That wasn’t the case. We had to flee with what we could and are forever on the run from those wretched zombies and their cries.

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The Sticky Issue of Equality


Equality, what is it? Well, to me, equality is that everyone is the same. No one should be treated differently because of their race, wealth, or even their jobs. We might not all be considered equal, purely because of what we can and can’t do, but we should. Just because I can’t run a 50 mile race faster Usain Bolt, doesn’t mean that I should be excluded from even trying. The government is supposed to take action and help stop persecution/rude stereotypes. If a government has the ability to make it so that everyone is treated equal and no one is being persecuted, then they should. We should all try to make this world better and make everyone as happy as possible if we want a good, tolerable life.

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