Normally I only read books that are romantic and all that. But when my older sister moved out she left books and I found this amazing book that ended up being the best book I have ever read. So win-win for me, right? Sister moved out and I got a new book. Kidding. This book is Invisible by James Patterson. It’s a thriller/mystery. It’s about this girl, Emmy, who works as an FBI researcher. She is currently assigned for a break and has found a trail of fires across the country. Emmy asks her former fiance who worked for the FBI, Books, to help her catch this guy. It’s very exciting and always has some way to catch your attention. Maybe I’m just biased, but maybe it really is good because it has won awards. I do NOT recommend this book if you are not into graphic gory details. I’ve read reviews on it and some people found it too gory. The thing is that they’re just wimps and the whole thing wasn’t just blood and guts. It had other action and the gory parts gave it a fun twist. So yeah! There’s that.