Source: Invisible by James Patterson. It’s on page 75.

Quote: “Purple is such a twisted, complex color—it conveys the passion of red, the sadness of blue, the depravity of black. Purple is neither happy nor sad. It is pain and despair but longing, too–fiery desire, beaten and bruised but struggling onward, determined to overcome, to move forward rather than retreat.”

Context: At this moment in time, the antagonist is doing recordings of himself. Letting the listener know more about him so that they don’t jump to conclusions. To try and get the listener to think he’s just anyone. That he is capable of normal human emotion instead of being sick in the mind.

This Makes Me Think: I chose this passage because he was describing my favorite color and I’ve never known how to explain why I like it. He’s psychotic so I don’t know if I relate that much.