Source: Invisible by James Patterson. I found this text on page 124.

Quote: “Get up, little boy. Don’t be afraid. They’ll like you, they really will.

Someone, please, give him a chance. Extend a hand or call out to him. It won’t take much. Just one small act of kindness and he’ll happily join in. He doesn’t need much, I promise you–he doesn’t need much. He just needs one person, just one simple person, to show him the slightest bit of kindness before it’s too–

[Editor’s note: pause of seventeen seconds.]

Get up, little boy. Get up and go play.



Context: The antagonist gives recordings of what he does and lets the listener know more about him. The recordings happen in chapters. In this chapter, he’s talking about watching these kids playing at a playground. He notices all the kids playing together as if they’ve known each other forever. But then there is this one kid who is just sitting on the side not playing with the kids, feeling left out. So he hopes for the other kids just to give him a push.

This Makes Me Think: I chose this passage because it kind of shows backstory and personality to the character.