Source: All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven, page 277.

Quote: I am disappearing. Maybe I’m already gone.”

Context: Finch describes his anxiety and depression as quicksand. Past these few chapters, this is where he starts to sink deeper into that quicksand. In this chapter he’s just getting home and he looks into the mirror and says, “I am disappearing. Maybe I’m already gone.”  He’s starting to get into that state where he’s just so numb and alone.

This Makes Me Think: I don’t really know exactly why I chose this quote. It just kind of hit me. To be honest, i’ve felt like this before so maybe that’s why I chose it. I’ve also seen my mom like this, you can just see it on a person. It’s really sad. I feel like its really bad when you feel numb, you just have all these emotions and pain that becomes so much you can’t feel anymore. But anyways, I just like sad things like this cause it makes me feel less alone.