Technology: Friend Or Foe?

I do not think technology is either friend of foe for most people but I also think for some people that use there phones to much there phones are there foes. I think some peoples phones are foes because there missing out on so much in life and some people would rather be in there room alone with there phones than going out and having a good time hanging out with there friends. I agree with most people when they say that phones have been an enormous help to lots of people and help us to communicate easier and with more people and also helped improving how easy it is to learn and instead of going to the library and finding a book they can just google it or watch a video on YouTube. I think we will learn more about technology and how it effects are brains in the next few years and there will definable be some changes to make it less harmful.

The First Story I Read

I chose to read the Veldt and it was a very interesting and mind blowing short story and it was really exiting. It was written by the awesome author Ray Bradbury. The Veldt is all about the future and new technology. It was written in 1950 and was surprisingly accurate about the future just like all short story’s by Ray Bradbury and in this future setting the main characters are the Hadley family of four. The parents are George and Lydia Hadley and the boy named Peter and the girl is named Wendy. They live in a smart home just like in Ray’s other poem “August 2050 There Will Come Soft Rains ” and the nursery is filled with screens and it will change its screens to make it exactly like what the kids want to look at. The problem arises when the parents go in to the nursery and find a Africa scene and find lions eating something and are confused why there kids are wanting to watch death until they find the shocking truth.

What I’ve Been Reading

I would not say I am a quick reading and I am never home and think to myself hey I should go read a book. Instead of reading I normal end up doing something else. I normal enjoy reading time in class and in 7th grade I would always read in all my classes whenever I had free time but that’s when I was really into a series. Now I am not into a series and don’t read as much as I did or should. Right now I am reading a book called “A Night Divided” which I am really enjoying but I really hope I can get into a good series and start to really read a lot more than I am right now. This is my first book I have read this school year and I hope by the end of the school year to find a new series.

I Can Use Figurative Language

When I was in first grade I remember going to school and I was giving a sour green licorices that was hard as a rock. I took it home and I planed on sharing it with my little brother. When I got home I grabbed the razor sharp scissors and tried to cut the rock hard piece of licorices. As I tried to cut the licorices the scissors slipped like soap in a bathtub and I ended up cutting my hand and I grabbed a napkin and told my brother to get my mom and then when she came back she decided I need to go to the hospital so we hopped in the car and headed to the hospital quick as lightning. I ended up getting 4 stitches in my thumb and it was no fun. After I got my stitches I remember going to sonic and getting a foot long hot dog and I still have a scar on my thumb.

There Will Come Soft Rains

In the poem There Will Come Soft Rains by Sara Teasdale she says “Not one would mind, neither bird nor tree, if mankind perished utterly;”. I feel like the point Sara is trying to get across is that if all humans where wiped from existence nobody would notice or even care. I think the author purposely added contrast from the start where everything is peaceful and calming directly to all humans are gone and I think the reason she did this is so that makes you more surprised by the hard truth when you’re reading it. This poem was written in 1920 write after world war 1 and I think Sara was trying to say that we shouldn’t fight because only humans care about the outcome and it really doesn’t matter. In The article it also says “And Spring herself, when she woke at dawn  Would scarcely know that we were gone.” I think what Sara was saying with this is that humans have existed for such a short period of time that the earth wouldn’t even notice that all humans where suddenly gone. I think we kind of got Sara’s message and now are trying to help not destroy the planet and are a bit more aware of what we’re doing.

2095: What Will the Future Be Like

I think that in 2095 that almost everything will be self automated. I think that you get driven to school by your car or you get dressed by a machine and you get your breakfast made in seconds and you wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting anything because something will remind you. Another thing I think will happen is that humans wont have to work at all because we have robots that do all of are work for us and we wouldn’t need to mow the lawn or vacuum the carpets or do any or are chores. I also think that robots will learn and know what you are thinking and also be able to be controlled with your mind. In general I am exited for what the future holds and what will come and all the new things but its also a bit scary to think what will happen to wars when new technology comes out.

What I’m Doing Right and What I Can Improve on

So far I would like to think I am doing a good job this year and I am planning on keeping that up. What I think I am doing right is turning in my assignments and I haven’t missed a single assignment this year yet and I am hoping I never will. Another thing I believe I am doing right is not procrastinating I always do my homework right when I get home and if I don’t do it right when I get home I always worry about forgetting it or I actually forget it. I think I can do better at planning the future because I always get checked out or miss a day and it would be nice if I knew what I was suposed to be doing so I could do it the day before. Another thing I could do better on is getting up quicker in the morning because I always just lay in bed for like 5 minutes and I could use that 5 minutes to get ready instead.

Who am I as a Writer

I have never been a terrible writer but I was never amazing either. I do not love writing and I would rather read then write. I always have trouble putting my

thoughts into words and explaining what i’m thinking about. If I was given a writing assignment I would always do it immediately and not wait until the last day but doing this lead to me working to quickly and not doing a good job Another issue I struggle with is keeping the momentum going after I leave a project and come back and I always find myself rereading trying to remember  where I left off. I want to improve my writing by adding detail and spending more time on my projects and essays. I plan to improve these things by taking a bit more time to make a good template so I have a solid path and all I have to do is type and add good details.

My Reading Journey

When I was young I don’t remember hating or loving read books. I just did what I was told to do like most kids. Some of the first books I remember reading are the Magic Tree House series which I do not remember much of. The first time I remember liking reading was in around 6th grade when I read the Hunger Games series and I really enjoyed and read the whole series. That lead me to reading all of the Harry Potter books and really enjoying them. I now enjoy reading and I like to get into a good series and right now I am trying to find a new series but could find one I wanted to get into. I just read the hobbit and really did not enjoy it but then I found A Night Divided and I so far am really liking it and it is getting really interesting.